Soldier 76 is gay?

This topic is gonna be locked more then likely, but it will have it’s top post of the day spot for a while at least

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I gotchu, fam. I had to double-check the link to make sure it worked. It’s a nice read.

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I’m happy. He could be bi. I’ve always personally viewed Soldier as bi, but I wouldn’t object to gay either. As my favourite character, I’m really happy to hear he’s queer like me! Plus it’s nice to see older queer characters who aren’t dying.


I have never seen a thread explode so fast lol. 30 mins in and it’s already 140+ replies.

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IDC much about Soldier being gay or bi(I am happy about the extra representation though!), but I am happy that they are going from comics to short stories.
Usually you can tell more stuff in a 3 or 4 short story than a comic of the same size. Also it is usually faster to launch short stories than comics.

(Also the Ana skin is AMAAAAAAAAAAZING)

But I’m gay and hate kids :frowning:


They can be. It’s possible to look at something and think they are hot, but not want to bang. Or to think they have a wonderful personality and you wish you could spend your life with them, but not want to bang. Or want to bang, but have no romantic interest(Ever heard of friends with benefits? Prozzies? Hookups?).

You can look at a flower and think it’s beautiful, but not want to grow it in your garden.

Oh that’s too bad. Hating anything is too bad. Are you sure you HATE them or do you just dislike them?

How funny if he was talking about his son or something… some people would be so pissed.

Don’t care either way… I would love the story to actually move forward with real fun stuff.

The lore team and gameplay team are entirely different bases, dude…

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He is…
The Big Gay


I don’t think anyone would be pissed. What type of people are you thinking? The insane fan girl 15 yr old shippers who don’t even actually play the game?

Could not care less gay or bi. But this forum is reacting exactly as I expected it to. Sad really.

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The amount of support for LGBT people is astonishing. I was expecting the usual ‘’THEYRE FORCING AN AGENDA REEEE’’ you hear from a huge part of the gaming community, but thank you guys for standing up for the community (I happen to be straight, but still). Pray Soldier gets buffed too. :slight_smile:


soldier 76 said gay rights!


The whole idea of it not ‘feeling right’ is based on stereotypes though. Just because Jack doesn’t tick a bunch of boxes of how ‘all LGBT men should be’, doesn’t mean anything.


I knew it would tbh. I should have farmed the karma from reddit.

how is this any different than how they showed torbjorn with his children and wife, widow with her husband, or mccree and ashe? Where did they shove this down your throat? And how is it any different than those examples … except that is lgbt related.


Hahaha, it just dawned on me that S76’s line “I’m not your father!” had a hidden message about his sexuality :joy:
Well, kind of. Surrogates and stuff now that I think about it :thinking:

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