Soldier 76 BBQ highlight intro removed?

Just noticed this whilst I was going through my collection, intented? Or a bug?


Did you remember purchasing Loot Boxes during the Summer Games event? If so, please make sure you did not have any chargeback on a credit card. This is the most common reason why items will be removed from inventory. Otherwise, you might not be tracking your inventory correctly.

Correction, there does appear to be a widespread issue and I am investigating now.


Seeing this thread made me check my own account and yes, the highlight has vanished. It’s not even listed as a possibility with a padlock next to it, it’s gone entirely.

I have never bought a lootbox. Presumably this is a bug.

Edited in a picture:
No BBQ for me. :pensive:



This is a bug… Overwatch Team is aware.


Yup it is gone. I had it equipped and now there is no any equipped intro shown.


what?!!? logging on right now to check it out. it better be fixed soon!! and not the trademark blizzard soon i swear!

edit: also i noticed that there are no “new” highlight intros this halloween… that sux

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I guess it wasn’t woke enough


He used too much lighter fluid and set the entire neighbor’s backyard on fire. Now Soldier is not allowed within 12 meters of a grill


theres also a bug with Valkyrie’s sound queues, it doesnt have its usual sound indicating that the ultimate is ending


I am not worrying about that right now. File it in #bug-report

:scream_cat: I say to you, it was offensiv!!! :100: [… Somehow i dont even know!!!] :wink: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, thank you!! Just filed it :slight_smile:

the old man must have had a bit too much to drink cooking out for all the overwatch gang

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Someone was inevitably offended by someone eating meat probably :roll_eyes:


Same here just noticed this now, definitely missing. I also noticed with this the currently selected highlight intro shown in the menu is just blank completely, doesn’t even show a default or “random” as selected. Just a blank option that, upon opening the menu, doesn’t even exist. This is definitely an unusual bug

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I know this is a joke but people, and I hate to say this, but especially ones that have been the majority of the OW community in more recent years after most people stopped playing are rather…well you know, I’d say but the exact thing I’d say about them also applies to these forums and would for some unknown reason be “Ban worthy” knowing Blizzard, what a joke

Yeah it’s showing just empty as a selected highlight intro. Wonder what happens if you get a potg with nothing there… Maybe I need to test it out.


Yes one day games will consist of faceless people in gray uniforms in gray rooms doing nothing… and someone will be offended that it was gray.


Maybe it was racist or something

I mean unless Soldier: 76 is a gay cannibal I am not sure how…

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