Soldier: 1776 👌

We’ve seen it all, military, cyborg, and daddy. But this would be the icing on the cake so Jeff do us proud and give us old man soldier. Soldier mains like me would never complain about the game again and that is a promise.


Looks terrible tbh. Don’t like it all.


What, no Tricorne? Fail!

Also I kinda feel like that concept needs to be more authentic to the period. Not to say a steampunk soldier wouldn’t also be cool, but this is trying to do both and that seems like too much. Or too little. I dunno.

Interesting take though, I’ll give it that, and I would like to see what the Blizzard spin on Soldier: 1776 would be.

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`Must be a redcoat then.


Reminds me of Treasure Planet


Get out of here, redcoat!


The hair should be more of a powdered wig maybe? I pictured a more of a Founding Father feel to him.


Devs already said they wanted to preserve the general shape of silhouettes, so it’s unlikely they’d give him a tricorn hat.

I would liberate America wearing that. I know Jack would to.

~ PyroPanda


I’d scrap the eyepiece and change the hairstyle to more of a Washingtonian ponytail, but I like it.

I’d become a soldier main immediately. Not that exact skin though. something good.

I feel like that ship sailed a long time ago. Young Genji, Witch Mercy, Okami, Bilgerat, Jazzy, Mariachi…

I don’t know what they want to preserve exactly, but clearly adding/subtracting headgear and hairstyles isn’t part of it. (There’s also a whole set of changes that add/subtract draping fabric like capes and long coats for that matter.)


Looks like he comes straight from bioshock: infinite. And we all know how good that game is compared to the other bioshocks. Its good, but not really good.

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look up minute man

where’s the three conered hat? the rest is pretty cool

I only have one opinion on this skin…

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Thats awesome, as far as i know origanal, and creative with a hehe on his name. I like it. I wish we had more legendaries like this.

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I like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If nothing else the idea is cool. I’d actually like a “History Channel” themed batch of skins. Could have this Revolutionary War Soldier skin, Amelia Earhart-ish Tracer skin, Pharaoh Pharah skin, etc. etc.

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isnt…that basically asp?

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They need to do something about her… very chiseled nasal ridge before I accept that skin as Pharaoh Pharah. For whatever reason they added like 20x more definition where her nose is between her eyebrows, and it looks kinda bad IMO. Like she’s got serious RBF but exclusively in that one spot on her face

when doesnt she have that