Sol76 and Junkrat feeding problem in comp

For some reason the amount of soldier 76 and junkrat players running ahead and feeding in games is literally a joke, So many games lost due to Rambo-brained solo acts that wonder why they aren’t getting healed when miles ahead of the team barely regrouping or trying to make sure the payload is moving, And somehow blaming the healers and tanks, This game needs to make a choice either nerf them into the ground so they ain’t so confident on a team wipe like they did Widowmaker or axe the game because in both QP and Comp it’s basically either a spam-fest, an idiot-fest or a Thrower-fest, And you hell know I’m not wrong when the majority of youtube videos are now resorting to hot-take videos or watching vods of the very BS that I just described.

I’m curious where the tank is, in this scenario of yours. Who’s pushing payload and where’s the rest of the team?

tbf in id say most situations the tank shouldnt be pushing the payload, its not near as prevalent as it was in ow1 with 6 players but it still holds some truth today.

the tank and the dps push up with 1 of the supports while the other support pushes the payload. the 4 do their best to hold them off so they can get a lil extra distance to reduce the number of total team fights they’d have to play.

You shouldn’t have answered.

I asked OP because their context is DPS pushing up and despite what you say, it’s still more common than you believe. This is especially true when you’re playing in a rank where it’s a mix of all skillsets by design.

As a tank, those games are the most tilting to deal with. The rare games where I’m allowed to control space and play with some aggression I’m profusely thanking my team for playing with me near corners and chokes.

the context doesnt matter, the dps are feeding because they were taught to play a certain way but their team didnt follow suit.

its everyones fault here, the dps should of adapted to the lesser playstyle and instead of going all in and dying they should of knew to back out quickly.

but they should technically be pushing up on those types of maps regardless of rank.

As you’ve noted, the blame isn’t just on DPS despite OP. So what’s your point?

I’d further argue that as DPS if both tanks and supports aren’t enabling then the options are limited unless you’re in the wrong rank/significantly better.

Whereas as a tank if a support but not DPS follow through, you can still control or slow-down from a less aggressive position despite being in an evenly matched team.

the point is that you asking him whose on point wheres X person and such doesnt matter.

the mistake was the dps ran ahead and didnt adapt to how their team was playing and died.

i explained how its supposed to be played to give context as to why they messed up.

Well, we simply don’t know because he didn’t answer. You just jumped the gun and assumed.

The amount of games I have lost to this is unreal- only ever I player per match. And how they do so bad on soldier idk- you get a tutorial for him forced upon you. You can’t really go that wrong.

its a very good assumption because the title of the thread is “soldier 76 and junkrat feeding”.

no matter what: if you die its always because you did something stupid.

the OP doesnt need to respond for us to know this. regardless if the team was in a pickle formation or a hamster formation, its all irrelevant.

what matters is they ran ahead and died.

all i did was explain why they did it and how it should of been played

Because everyone who’s venting in the forums can be taken at face value? Okay guy, that’s another big assumption there.

its ok to take it at face value when the thing they are saying is obviously true.

if a gold player tells me their teammate is bad im going to believe them because gold players are bad. im not going to doubt that claim, sure that doesnt mean they didnt cause the loss themselves but the statement that their teammate is bad would still be true.

so if you tell me that someone ran ahead of the tank and died, im not going to ask questions. that is a real thing that happens

the fact you are so worried about investigating this, tells me you probably do that alot yourself and are lookin for an out lol

Even replays don’t tell the whole story. If they did then players wouldn’t need coaches going over replays, telling them what they did wrong.

Lol, then you should. Off-angling to some tilted players is “pushing ahead”; I get flack for this even when I’m 40 and 3, with 25 final kills.

I just asked a very simple question. Which makes me think that you’re the OP just trolling.

Cuz you now moved on from just making a ton of assumptions, to strawmanning and outright attacking. Another blocked poster. Bye.

welcome to the shadowbanned world. Have you perhaps not purchased anything in the in-game shop for a long time? Do you have an old account? Have you ever been temporarily banned before?