Sojourn book : We'll finally learn about the Omnic Crisis

From the Amazon description :

Don’t miss this exclusive origin story of Sojourn–the fierce, cybernetic soldier, commander of Overwatch in days past and a steward of its future–based on the smash-hit video-game from Blizzard Entertainment.

In the early days of the Omnic Crisis, there were few heroes to be found amid the devastation, or even on the warfront that pushed humanity to the brink. But in Toronto, a brilliant young captain named Vivian Chase refuses to cede her city to the hungry monsters pouring out of the Detroit Omnium. Vivian has yet to meet a lost cause she couldn’t save, even one as dire as this.
To expel the omnics from her home and staunch the flow of enemy forces into Canada, Vivian will need resources, and these days only one organization has what it takes to stop the invasion: Overwatch. But when the Overwatch Strike Team arrives, it isn’t quite what she had in mind–an American supersoldier at odds with his commander, a disgruntled Swedish engineer, and a brilliant scientist whose dreams of a robotic revolution were in part what caused the Crisis. In a race against time, Vivian will have to use what she’s been given to form an elite fighting force and a winning strategy that can take the fight to the omnium . . . even if it costs them all their lives.

Sojourn’s story puts the sheer devastation of the Omnic Crisis–one of the most momentous events in Overwatch history–into stark relief. Her tale is one of grit, heroism, and the fight to build a better tomorrow, even if it’s one she and her troops might not live to see. A must-read for any Overwatch fan.

I’m really hyped about this one. I found “Hero of Numbani” forgettable and “Deadlock Rebels” was ok but didn’t touch what really interests me: the story of the Omnic Crisis and Overwatch’s original team. Now it’s seems we’ll learn about it through Sojourn’s eyes and from the description it seems we’ll also learn more about the conflict between Morrisson and Reyes.

I’m both eager and afraid because I thought the last lore additions (Reaper’s short story and Kiriko as a whole) were quite weak.

Anyone else waiting for this book?


I am, hopefully google books carries it, but otherwise I’ll just get the kindle edition.

The big issue I have had with this since it was announced is while it sounds interesting, it’s going to be filtered through Sojourn.

Sojourn. A character who sounds like she’s putting herself to sleep with every voice line. A character who I feel probably has an extensive stamp collection she can tell you about in excruciating detail. A character who when asked about her hobbies, probably mumbles that she goes to the gym and changes the subject.

She’s a mind numbingly dull character from what we’ve heard and seen of her thus far. And now they expect me to get hyped about sitting in her head for however many hundred pages?

I sure hope whoever is in charge of writing this manages to make her more than ‘boring army lady’, because if she has to shoulder the whole narrative arc of the book this could be another one of those books you fight through rather than enjoy.

Im a lore nerd, so ill probably only read for more info on the omnic crisis lmfao

I agree, Sojourn is the last thing I’m interested in in this book which is sad considering she’s the main character. As you say hopefully the writer can develop her better and make her interesting.

Not sure when it’ll happen though. I created this topic because I thought the release date was the 8th November 2022 (on Amazon, Barnes and Noble,etc) but Blizzard Gear store dates it for November 2023?? Which is it?
It would be nice to have a bit more communication about it from Blizzard.

I know a lot of people got the book first. or at least, according to twitter with people photographing their own copy. probably a redistribution error between the originally scheduled date for October and the final date (November).

I sincerely hope that his health condition is investigated first of all. what made it want to keep moving forward with so many cyber components that somehow it never seems to be properly represented. her role is always explained, but not her motives.

And of course, we are all hopeful that this novel will be the replacement for first strike, given the presence of liao, torb and soldier on the cover.

On this perception I would blame the developers for how they structured her revealing.

  • she was introduced to us for the first time as a “captain” replacing Ana during storm rising (probably Amari had already been killed by locroix). She had given a good hype because she was THE woman we have all seen since Ana origins.
  • from the reveal of OW2 in 2019 she was heavily penalized for being the only confirmed hero coming to the game (after Echo) and … yet another DPS. and when Echo was also confirmed as a DPS the opinion of having Sojourn as “another dps in the future” demoralized everyone.
  • Sojourn got interesting for her 100% cyborg body with more features than Genji, but … her origins story was ruined by a narrative entirely based on the most mundane of plots: former overwatch agent, she fought in the crisis of the omnic and now answers winston’s call. GG, recycle the narrative stenna also for Mirembe or kimiko and you have obtained two more “Sojourns” with the difference that they do not have a technological body. It is an extremely poor origin story, et’s look at how “former OW agent” is explained about genji, ana, cassidy, etc.
  • The Sojourn stream was … embarrassing. not an explanation of her kit or her state of health, just “railgun and black woman”. it’s certainly cool for OW, but it doesn’t have to be the only topic discussed in an hour of nothing. they showed us only a “representative” but not a “character” at all.
  • the only extra note is the incomplete teaser of her cinematic: he has a cute dog named murphy. end.
  • her kit is extremely basic, I would dare to say that you can very well put it in tutorials with soldier.

unfortunately there has been a strong process of trivialization beyond sojourn, in many different ways. It’s not her fault, but there were just completely wrong timing to talk about her and her story. One thing that was cleverly done for baptiste who was a complete unknown at her debut in OW1.

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Why do you seem to use her and his interchangeably?

sorry for the automatic correction keyboard XD sometimes recognizes me “sojourn” as masculine (probably also influenced by the fact that it includes my mother language, Italian. and perceives it as to be translated). fixed in her XD sometimes it does it to me with cassidy in “her”. XD

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I’m gonna have to agree with the comments here, Sojourn just isn’t a very interesting character to me

I hope the PvE improves her but for now she’s just dull and I honestly don’t really care for her character tbh :confused:

a communication to anyone like me who does not have English as their first language and does not notice that there is a print in their country: they finally put the kindle version on amazon coming out next week. or at least, from the Italian amazon I understand that I will finally be able to read this book on November 15th.

I usually prefer the physical edition, but it is also true that if I have to pay for a reading, I prefer hce to be conveniently available in my language on my library and save on the digital one not in my language.


It’s also available in English on Audible! Since i’m listening to it, I won’t buy the digital one and wait for the paper one, because it’s easier to find the little lore piece on paper than on en e-book.

But fortunately, the french translation will be out on feb 2 2023, so it’s not that a long wait!

Wait, so the audiobook is already available? I saw it was free with the Audible trial, but no clear date. I supposed it was locked until the 15th like the other versions so I didn’t start my trial yet.