So you lose 50 sr and ban 15 mins if you leave in the first 10 secs?

Actually had a discussion with my partner about this yesterday.

He’s a league of legends player, and dodging there is a completely normal thing. You lose a couple SR points, get a timer and both increase if you dodge too many times. (May have forgotten some details)

I feel like OW should not punish dodging during hero select. Yes, people will have to requeue, but I’ll take that over losing sr because I’m suddenly 5v6.
Take 5-10 SR away, give me a 15 min timer but let me have this lifeline. The only time I ever dodged in OW was when I literally enter a game and something IRL pulls me away from the pc.

Add a report category for dodging and penalize players who dodge way too often. Or just make the SR loss and time penalty severe enough to make sure people only dodge once a day.

Its only fair if you dont reconnect and win the match.
Many people DC, comeback after literally 20 sec and they still get the penalty.

Overall is fair, but there are definitely situations where the penalty is ultra insane. Those should be revised but they are not.

Couldn’t you reconnect to the game after your internet came back? I am fairly certain it can be done.

Yeah I agree with that

To cut down on leavers obviously. Its unfortunate because it means legitimate dc’s are penalized as well, but OTOH, its your responsibility to have the best most stable Internet connection you can before playing. I know this sounds harsh, but sometimes in life… reality is what it is… in this case, its on you to have the best Internet you can before risking what happens in a game with a dc.

Please,people don’t care about your life.
Talk about OW only. Ty.