So you lose 50 sr and ban 15 mins if you leave in the first 10 secs?

this seems unfair…

idk why but i dced for some reason, something wrong with the internet idk and lost 50 sr and got a 15 min ban.

seems very harsh tbh but whatever, just wondering why is this so strict.

like what if you wanted to dodge if there is a thrower or something?

idk i am just done for today since i don’t want to get session ban or lose more sr so just gonna play it safe and wait till the season ends.

unlucky dude.

Because you do not get to decide who a thrower is (you quite literally have a tool to avoid people being on your team if you are so sure).

There is quite honestly not justifiable reason for leaving a competitive game. The games are not long and you can queue up again very quickly.


If you don’t want others to suffer because of you, play when your internet is stable :slight_smile:


dcing in 1st 10 seconds cancels and priority requeues everyone so people aren’t really suffering imo.

dcing in the beginning to cancel a match usually carries a lesser penalty in games because people aren’t actually having to sit through a 10+ minute commitment before having their game ruined.

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Remember, 4 dps, 3 if you were one yourself, waited somewhere between 5-15 minutes for a game. I had a priority pass and a priority requeue, and still waited 8 minutes for a DPS ame.

Your decision to leave the game, even though in this instance there wasn’t one, has consequences on everyone else in the lobby.

It does stink when it happens accidentally, but it doesn’t happen often enough to outweigh the costs of letting purposeful leavers get away with their game ruining for longer.

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Early leaves penalties is to prevent queue dodging. When you see what the map, teammates, opponents, and hero selections are there would be greater temptation to leave if the match would not look favorable to you. And since the game server can’t tell the difference between a legitimate disconnection and deliberately disconnection your internet, the penalty must apply to everyone who drops early.


oh ok, its a shame tbh i was on a big winstreak but i understand.

Sums up Overwatch pretty well…

Thank you for your stunning piece of advice! Guess we’ll all make sure to link into Comcast’s/CenturyLink’s/Cox’s/Windstream’s Hivemind :tm: directly to make sure they aren’t about to mess around or service is going to randomly drop :slightly_smiling_face:

How is it unfar? It is fair. It is great.
No more leavers :slight_smile:

Competitive is “straight-forward”.


Your team is ABANDONED and they are Stuck with a 5v6.

This may sound harsh, but…yes, this penalty is Fair. For a person not taking care of their connection, their PC and their equipment. and stable equipment is a MUST. This means WIRED connections, and connections that are NOT being over-used by another occupant or rogue-ware on the machine that wasn’t cleaned out.

SIMPLE Guidelines for competitive.

  • Use a WIRED and stable connection.
  • study the “known team composition metas”.
  • At least turn ON your team voice chat to LISTEN to the TEAM.
  • Play quickplay 1 hour PRIOR To your match to see if your connection is stable.
  • Check your network for any activity on it. If there is. Don’t Q.


  • DON"T LEAVE the match.

  • If you are MAD at your team for suggestions. Just know that they probably play this form of the mode LONGER and know what they are doing.

  • CLOSE YOUR BROWSER and clean your Cache out. All too often people have CHROME running in the background and it CRASHES the connection.

  • If you are listening to MUSIC. Use another device.

Check your microsoft updates settings…

I loath MS updates since they don’t keep people “Secure” and they spend more time wasting resources doing BACKGROUND downloads. The company makes it really difficult to discern whether or not it is doing something in the background and often it will start doing this at the WORST possible time.

Without the use of a “network inspection and auditing tool”. You may not even know that it is the issue of why the connection is “clogged”. What players NEED to do is call or email microsoft and tell them that “Forced updates is unacceptable”

, and my message to those that want actual “security” need to invest in an ACTUAL “hardware based” firewall… :slight_smile:

Good luck! Hope this helps!!

Would be great to have a way to give actual dc’s a chance to rejoin. Like i dc’d rejoined into the same match and just waited with the other 11 players for the cancel countdown to end…

There where 12 players again before the timer ended.

Exploits ruin a lot of nice things.

Yeah, had a similar situation. I lost over100 SR and got a 75 minute ban in total.

I feel like dcing and losing 50 SR is just part of the overwatch experience lol. I have good internet but still randomly DC once every few months I feel like it’s kinda unavoidable, it’ll happen at least once to most people. It’s the worst feeling though

Unless you live alone there is almost always some network activity: parentss/siblings/SO/grandparents/children etc… watching tv/netflix/youtube/twitch or whatever else, browsing the web(especially without adblockers) and so on.

This is a ridiculous requirement of yours, and redundant in most internet setups these days.

I have 200mbps down/20mbps up, it’s doubtful anything but intense use by multiple family members would have an impact.

Not relevant for disconnects.

I’ve played with gold/diamond border folks who feed or play like a potato all game, and make ridiculous/questionable demands that are probably the reason they’re still down here with me in the first place.

long playtime != knows what they’re doing.

Depending on your rank this is pointless, especially if your mood is easily influenced by toxicity.

If it is, you will play better/more consistent without team chat than risking getting flamed for x mistake or imagined mistake or arbitrary other reason.

ya comcast sucks, i pay top tier and their service is still so bad.

legit will get random dcs as well or they will just do a maintence out of know where cause they can.

(comcast legit rules na so we have no choice to use their service)

My internet is stable 99.9 percent of the time. But that .1 percent sometimes happens when I am in a competitive game.

It happened earlier this week. Internet died for about 60 seconds then came back. Not everyone who DC’s has crappy internet, all ISP’s have blips.

I have played comp game with unstable 70-200+ ms it went quite horribly, but atleast I did what I could in that game

all i can say is. I guess if “someone” gets BANNED for throwing and suspended for LEAVING in competitive. It aint me. Thankfully there IS a Blizzard policy for this type of behavior and I look forward to hopefully SOON, seeing CROSS SEASON bans like there should have been in the first place!

Thank you BLIZZARD.


This is a thing already, get multiple season bans and you get a permanent competitive ban.

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