So you gave Torbjörn's old ultimate to Ashe?


So what happened was that Torbjörn got a new ultimate because Ashe needed his super turret?

IMO B.O.B is so misplaced in Ashe’s kit, that it screams to the heavens. She is fairly skill-requiring and then she gets an auto-aim turret? Why?
Development of this game has become so halfassed.


I didn’t realise Torb’s turret could contest, be healed/stunned and sprint upon activation. And I didn’t realise using B.O.B gave Ashe loads of armour and increased her fire rate etc. Hmm.


So what happened, Mercy got her new ultimate because Zen needed his super heal?

Transcendence is so misplaced in Zen’s kit, that it screams to the heavens. Zenyatta is a skill based dps support hybrid who’s most important ability is to secure kills with discords and high damage. His ult is a no skill press one button heal. Why?
Development of this game has become so halfassed.


Ya obviously there are differences, but it is more or less the same.
Extremely uninventive, not to mention that a turret is completely misplaced in her kit.


It’s about the same as a Bastion with perfect aim.


I can’t see how Transcendence is misplaced for a monk.

A turret for a skill-based cowboy however?




Its a bird! its a plane! no its just someone not getting the joke


Everyone was clamoring for a skillbased DPS (Zen is not DPS, there are other rules for healing, and some of the healing needs to be easier to apply), but only Ashe’s gun is really skill-based.
Her dynamite is so easy to activate that anyone with a minimum of practice can do it, a far cry from the system in Unreal Tournament that it was obviously inspired from.
And then the turret on top of that?

I wanted a skillbased hero, not this BS.


Was that a joke?
I thought jokes were supposed to be funny.


Humour is subjective.