So you can't play Overwatch 2 if you have Cricket Wireless

I found out through tons of Twitter responses that the SMS verification is not working for those who have a phone under Cricket Wireless. When attempting to submit your phone number, it will state “please enter a post-paid phone number.”

It’s a monthly-paid service but I guess it’s considered pre-paid? It looks like tons of people are having this issue with Blizzard’s SMS verification system and Cricket Wireless. I understand the need for keeping people from buying burners to make smurf accounts, but I have a monthly billing date where I pay ~$50 for service.

Absolute insanity that I can’t play Overwatch 2 because I’m not using Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T’s service.


nope. metro PCS as well. it really sucks. im seriously upset and i can’t do anything.

i wish all those that can the best and to have fun though.


It took me until today to realize I can’t play on Switch now when I’m traveling. My main is on xbox and already hooked up to my number. Looks like I just uninstall from switch. Bummer.


They should change it to allow month-to-month paid phones. It’s not cool to exclude them for not wanting to be a part of a predatory phone service that just hounds you with bills and charges and is significantly more expensive.


I was told that the issue is on Cricket’s side, not Blizzard’s. Cricket apparently blocks Blizzard’s SMS verification for some reason, so Blizzard doesn’t allow Cricket as a provider to avoid more help desk headaches from people registering Cricket numbers and not getting the verification SMS.

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Most of player from my country also can’t play, for us here pre-paid number are common one.

I will just waiting to see what Bliz going to do about this. If not, I have to request a refund.


It’s honestly shocking to me. Like, I’m lost for words with trying to structure an argument for Blizzard in this instance.


Just make sure everyone who is having this problem is being loud about it - post on the forums, post on twitter (make sure you tag Blizzard and Overwatch) and wherever else you can.

Just keep making it known.

Not much else we can do


theres a thread that has like almost 8k views maybe post there? if a thread with almost 8k views doesn’t get seen, nothing will i think…

post everywhere you can though just in case.


Which may be the case, I’m not sure. However, if that is the case, why don’t they state that instead of requesting a ticket be submitted? I feel like that’s, if anything, causing even more of a help desk headache. This makes me think that it’s on Blizzard’s end.

Beyond that, this process – even without taking Cricket into consideration – is alienating so, so, so many individuals who use prepaid phone services. It’s insane. Growing up in poverty, I had nothing but burner phones until I graduated high school. Screw those folks, I suppose.


Being loud and explicit in the customer support chats because I literally don’t have a game to lose. It’s already gone. Because I have Cricket so f@#$ me I guess.


Source? This is the first I’m hearing of this.

And as asked above: If that’s the case, why wouldn’t Blizzard just say that and get themselves off the hook?


Im really annoyed because one of my best friends can’t play because she has cricket.


Yeah, I don’t know about that either. Because people on Metro, StraightTalk, and some other providers are having the same exact issue.


eu prepaid works. i assume there is a way to get one shipped where you are and only charge it once per 3 months or smth. idk, i would try it if i was you

Sounds like it could work, but also seems like a huge hassle and continued cost to play a game that should be free and shouldn’t have these sorts of accessibility issues.

I do appreciate the idea, however.


Yup, in that same boat. None of the phones on my account are pre-paid but I am getting labeled as that. You would have thought some effort to test this might have gone into it if they made this a requirement.


Flood their support services with demands to fix this


Same issue. Requested a refund for the watchpoint pack. Game isn’t worth the headache.


Im going to keep posting on twitter, youtube comments, twitch chats, reddit, and of course here. This issue is unreasonable and outrageous. According to Stylosa’s poll this effects around 15% of legitimate players and probably blocks about 0% of bad actors. ITS HORRIBLE.