So will the next patch fix the crazy damage in this game?

nerfing shields was fine but the only reason why people ran it was because if you didn’t had a shield you had to deal with allot of damage hitting you in the face and healers not being able heal fast enough, so far I have seen allot of rein/zarya.


The new patch now on the PTR so far only has updates to group role selection and spectator features:


I think they’ll let it roll, take feedback, then push changes. Now cause indy devs, this can take 2 months up to 6, to hit live.

I think this game just shifted to make orisa rein better than orisa sigma in most maps. Orisa sigma is still played tho. the only map where i say rein zayra work was kings row

The damage is fine, they specifically adjusted the shield nerf so they wouldnt also have to nerf damage as well. Just gotta “git gud” as the kids say, don’t blame your lack of practice with the new meta on the devs here.

The damage in the game is fine it’s certain characters in the game tabt are issues like mei and reaper

If there are legitimate issues with damage output for certain characters, they’ll be balanced accordingly next patch once they have enough data to even make such a determination, if it exists at all. However, I lean against that, I think the damage is fine as is, no issues with mei or reaper personally, just a matter of adapting your play style to the meta changes.

Mei and reaper’s damage is fine, but their crazy survivability and utility is their issues

The games obviously balanced at the highest level of play, once your get to a high enough SR with the right comp they’re not hard to counter in the current patch in all my recent games.