So why are you nerfing reaper?

he’s already bad, i don’t see why you’re going to make him worse.


he insulted my mother.


What happened and where is this?

It’s not like a massive nerf but I don’t see why they’re nerfing him at all.


  • Passive: Healing amount reduced from 50% to 40%

Where the hell is this from?

Maybe he’s too strong in lower ranks?


While I do think he needs buffing the buff to lifesteal was the wrong direction overall. I’m surprised they’re getting to it this quickly rather than waiting 3 months. No, what he needs is more versatility in his kit and either buff Shadow Step or replace it (though if they replace it I’d want them to add flying to Wraith Form, though that depends on what they replace it with). He either needs a smoke grenade, explosive shot self-buff (basically think something like Storm Arrows only it creates hitscan explosives), or some sort of engagement tool (like Guardian Angel that works on enemies).


His buff from 30 to 50% lifestealing was already a senseless buff. He continued being bad in High Rank and was dominating lower ranks even harder than before.

They’re balancing around the lower ranks in this case since it wont make a difference in the higher ranks :slight_smile:


Exactly he’s garbage in high ranks and they’re making him worse in low ranks. Where is the logic?

He was too strong against Roadhog in FFA… so thats why. /s

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He has to fulfill his role as an edgy meme.
Why make a usefull ability to get actually close?

I don’t need 50% lifesteal we need a better/different Shadow-Step.

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He was really strong in lower ranked levels but didnt put a dent in higher tier levels of ranked. Hes going to be nerfed and I feel like hes eventually going to have a change to shadow step to make him viable.

That’ll take 6-9 months considering they’ve said they think shadow step is fine. Idk I just don’t agree with making an already bad hero worse because no one in low ranks knows to stand 10 feet away from him.

He said that there still might be a chance for changing shadow step in the twitch live stream but we will have to see. He would try tweaking some stuff first though.

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I disagree with it. But maybe they will buff his other parts. Hopefully they’ll fix his teleporting ability.

i would replace the teleport with flying shadow form you see from cinematics.

And i would reduce his dmg on close quarters and buff a little his range and consistency

I think 50% was too edgy idea. It is rarely useful, And when it is useful then it becomes too useful.
They just could have make him suck from barriers using a Aura or something instead.

On the otherhand, he doesnt need this because GOATs will be seen less. I think they wanna revert him before testing him in the new meta

The buff was too much
The nerf is perfect

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I honestly don’t think it’ll take that long as they’ve been making panic changes a lot lately. Really feels like they’re just throwing stuff out now to see if it works