So when the Sym/Zarya/Moira/Winston REVISED DAMAGE coming POST FIX?


Never because screw characters that take actual skill to compete with those that don’t


Thinking Symmetra Zarya and Winston are low skill.



They got this fix awhile ago?


The “fix” is being reverted, my question is when is it going live?





I was also certain there was a blue post saying the reason they were nerfing the beam size and damage is because the damage is overall more consistent with the tracking buff they gave it. The blue post even threw out some percentages of how much increased damage they were seeing and that’s why they’re doing the current nerf to bring it back into line.

Again, can’t seem to find that post but I’m sure someone around here has a link.


Yeah I kind of recall that as well… would be good to re-read. Regardless, I cannot understand why we are still running on Live without a change from August 27th…


They’re not reverting it, lol. Just nerfing.


LOL - its effectively a revert from the damage levels. Do we want to split hairs here?

So, yes, to satisfy Zalemz, they are not getting “rid” of the fix, they are however adjusting power levels relatively speaking to compensate for the increased damage. Happy? It’s effectively the same thing in play.


Girl… why tf are you "LOL"ing that? Messy.

It’s not “effectively a revert”. The damage will be lower on barriers, and on big tanks too - since you tend to not miss them very often.

I really don’t get why you’d bother talking about balance if all you’re going to say is “hehe it’s effectively the same so :)”


Don’t “girl” me.

The damage is an adjustment to put it relatively back to pre-fix levels, if that’s not an effective revert I don’t know what is. I am asking because the adjustment is very overdue, it’s that simple.


I see a small nerf to the beam.

Not a revert of the fix they did for it.

The devs have noted that they’re seeing 20-40% more damage after the bug fix.

They’re not getting a 20-40% damage nerf.

The fix is not “effectively” being reverted

They’ll still do full tick damage, not partial damage

They’ll still be doing more than they were.

It’s not splitting hairs.

Both heroes will be fine.


They will do less damage over all - the goal of the change it to bring the damage back down.

It doesn’t matter if its the exact same percentage, that wasn’t the point.

Yes, the still do full tick damage, thats not the point either.

The splitting hairs is if its a change to offset the fix or a full revert; it IS splitting hairs as its being done to reduce the damage output back down. Splitting hairs in my book if its “revert” or not, its a f’ing nerf to bring it closer BACK to where it was before, effectively a form of reversion.


Less damage than current.

Still more than they were doing before the bug-fix.

Im not sure where you obtained the information that the “goal” of the nerf was to bring them all the way back down- But id love to read where you got that from.

Bruh, no.

If something does 100 DPS before hand

And then a bug is fixed, knowing full well itll increase it but youre not sure by how much- But youre ok with / want it to do a little more

And then the bug results in everyone doing 140 Dps

And you go “Wow, thats a bit much, lets dial it down so everyones doing 120 dps instead now that its working properly”

That aint a “revert”.

Sym and zarya will be fine. Theyll still be doing more damage than they were previously, and theyll no longer experience partial damage when they shouldnt be either.


This is ridiculous an argument, I’m not wasting my time- its a partial revert, get over it. You should too. I know Sym and Zarya will be fine and doing more damage, closer to what they were. Honestly, I couldn’t give a damn if you agree its a revert or not, under the circumstance, I think it is.


You did that the moment you made a joke-thread asking when the “fix” that already hit the game was coming.

They dont do partial ticks anymore. Its already here.

They started doing more damage than the devs anticipated

So they dialed it down a bit- To do more than it was previously, but less than it does currently.

Id suggest taking your own advice, Chief.

Theyre still in a buffed-state from what they were before the fix came.




The change has not been implented Live yet. That is just wrong. We are not talking the “fix” that Sym and Zarya got, we are talking the revision to the numbers, so if it would make you happy, lets correct the title shall we for the slower members out there…,


What the hell is so funny? I’d rather place after the changes are finished, they are not. The PTR changes including the adjustments to account for the “fix” to not be so overbearing are not live. How is that the least bit funny?