So when should we expect a good ana buff

healing through full hp teammates and more ammo? thats it ana needs mobility or a self heal its the only way she will ever be good again, and for some reason you are refusing to do that

anas weaknesses dont balance with her strengths she has more weaknesses then her strengths

moira does everything ana does but way easier


Not soon, seeing as the Devs don’t think it’s necessary.

Moira heals teammates in close proximity better then Ana.

Moira however, can’t sleep dart, anti-heal, Nano-Boost, nor heal an individual Hero who needs it multiple meters away without in-turn putting herself at risk.


a simple thing they could add to boost her ability to survive would be to add a self heal CD where she injects herself with a healing dart. Kinda like how the medic system worked in battlefield bad company lmao whole team running around stabbing themselves and friends with needles xD

nano is bad

the sleep isnt that good

anti heal is the only reason people pick ana over moira

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That statement is contradicting, they made Ana be able to shoot trough allies which was a weakness.

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That is entirely subjective.

dont u hate when your nano hits lucio instead of bladeing genji

dont u hate when your team shoots them and they kill everyone

Yeah, that’s pretty lame when either of those things happen.

I fail to see how an Ultimate having flaws equates to it being bad.

Nano in the right hands is fine, using it when someone’s not ready for it is not fine. Sleep dart saves lives and can result in easy kills.
Good aim, patience, and someone you work well with is all thats needed.

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My feelings exactly. Ana’s biggest caviat is her reliance on her team. More-so then any other support.

But when with a team you trust she is more then capable. (I feel)

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the ultimate relies on other people being good, i should be able to nano myself

If you have distrust in your team, or have issue with her reliance on team members, perhaps finding friends to group with is the solution to your problem.

all my friends are hardstuck plat

At risk of sounding rude;
So they should balance an entire Hero around your stubbornness to group with a new group of players?

i actually came up with something other than the self heal or mobility ( cuz i doubt blizzard will do it ) its a passive

MIRAGE - when ana is far away, the enemy can’t see her (invisible) and have to be within a certain distance to see her ( a tad bigger emp radius)
don’t know whether if the enemy should see the purple bullet trail or not

this would help her and make a position character make positioning even more important and give far ranged healing an actual use other than saying, HEY I’M ALONE, COME JUMP ON ME. plus you can go to weird spots that you wouldn’t normally go to be a little more hidden.

note: the name kinda fits since she’s from egypt so yea.
this is just a core idea and stuff can be tweaked from it and stuff so yea


That’s an idea I’d hope gets considered at the very least! Might be a bit tricky to implement, but otherwise its pretty sound.

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Despite personally feeling she’s a victim of meta and is in no need for any major Buffs, I really like the way that sounds.

no, no they shouldnt

Ana will never be played until Mercy is nerfed. The extra player rez provides is worth more than anything they can give Ana without giving her like 150 hp heals per dart. And in that case ana would just be played alongside a mercy.


i don’t see a world where shes even has a meta, she was only meta in season 3 cuz moria was a hero yet. shes suppose to be far range but thats her biggest problem. she needs some defense so she can actually be far range to heal.