So when are we going to start banning smurfing?

I am literally at the point where I am just throwing every game because EVERY game is either vs a smurf/booster, 4-5 stack vs all solos or simply a horrible team diff. There is no in between. there are no more close games. there are no balance matches. Just smurfs and dog matchmaking. so tired of this


It’s always been bannable. Just got to first find them, then second report for the right “crime”.

Unless someone is streaming themselves smurfing or caught in the act of intentionally deranking, there is really no reliable way to “catch” them.

Top 500 players stream themselves playing on Diamond Accounts, etc. all the time. They never get banned. Never have. And they’ve been doing it since the game launched.

People have bene rerolling to churn out reductive Unranked to GM content all the time and they’ve never been banned.

used to be easy to spot them when everybody had open profiles and before role queue was a thing

90%+ winrate on genji and 0% on Mercy over a similar period of games? yeah right.

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Nnnnneeeeevvvvv eeerrrrrr.

No, I mean blizz taking action. I report and report, and maybe once a week i see a “thank you for reporting” message. And I’m not reporting people who are playing good, Im reporting people playing with skill far beyond plat/diamond. where 3 dps will go 15-5 with 8k dmg but THAT ONE dps is 48-2 with 20k dmg. Obvious smurfs/boosters.

It’s mostly just the matchmaking causing the issue. They do things like put top 500 role challengers vs plats and think its ok. All it does is make everyone else’s rank even more inaccurate and its getting worse every season. The matchmaker causes people to smurf against their will. I sometimes feel like I’m playing against a team of bronze. Other times it feels like a team of GM’s. Same thing when it comes to teammates.

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Those are two different roles, and I doubt anyone ever had a 0% winrate on Mercy unless they were intentionally deranking. You can play her like a heal/boost bot and win a lot of matches with basically zero mechanics and subpar situational awareness and gamesense. You just enable the carry on your team.

Genji did used to be the smurf pick of choice for a lot of them, though :stuck_out_tongue:

I have seen this happen.

Still lost the match because it was a Bap that only wanted to DPS.

yeah it’s ridiculous - my last two games I had were so incredibly lopsided, it was clear that some players did not belong that low.

First game - our entire team just absolutely trounced the other team. Everyone on the team had like 25+ elims while nobody on their team cracked into double digits.

Next game - their Zarya went something ridiculous like 50-3 on us, so ofc that meant that their DPS and supports were also able to pull down much better stats but not on the same level of the Zarya. Meanwhile my tank goes like 2-11 and my DPS and support (one of which was me) didn’t fare a lot better.

It was a deranker. My example was based off of a real player that I checked the profile of after I suspected he was smurfing. I can’t remember the exact percentages, but it was in the 90s on whatever DPS he was playing, and sub 5% on Mercy. It was also the days before role queue was a thing so there were no “per-role” ranks.

I mean those are two different roles, so someone can have hilariously low win percentage on a different role that they play 5% of the time vs. the role they play 85% of the time.

I’d probably have a 5% winrate if I tried playing tank, and I’d get flamed by my team because I don’t play tank and I’m probably bottom 500 on them.

Basically all of them. But I don’t care, cause I never play them and have no interest in doing so.

LOL, no. It was actually so egregious that I saved screenshots.

Name has been cropped to protect the identity of the alleged.



Yea, definitely a deranker.

Lol. 26.82 FB/10.

I wonder what the prevalence of smurfing or cheating is, and how this affects the numbers used by Blizzard for balancing.

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Like I said, it was the most extreme example I’ve ever seen, I had to take screenshots of it. I’ve never seen a harder deranker before in this game, whether OW1 or OW2. Those pics have timestamps from 2018. I bet the account has not been banned to this day.

Even if it did, it wouldn’t matter. Everyone had multiple accounts back then, anyways.

And those accounts were grandfathered in and don’t require phone number authentication… though it’s pretty easy to just change numbers on a second line to set up additional accounts even now.

And it’s sad to say, little has changed in that regard.

Back in 2019 or so when I was silver (maybe even Bronze, I can’t remember), there was a Genji Smurf on Illios Ruins who basically soloed our entire team repeatedly. Most of his team just sat at the point and he was basically a raid boss…

He was Mythic Difficulty, so we never beat him.

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I believe it
Only thing is now it’s a lot harder to prove, with role queue and private profiles being the norm.

actually now that you’ve pointed out the ridiculously high final blows/10 min I think he may have been a hacker. Even a smurf would not have a number that high without help from cheats.

IMO, the only time Ranked felt really good was when they added in the LFG system and people started stacking up.

So many times I went on 10+ match win streaks. It’s how I got out of Silver, and never looked back.

IMO, the general ineptitude of the players down there are a far bigger issue than the smurfs and cheaters. Lol. The latter didn’t really get terrible until relatively recently… and it’s mostly the cheaters than the smurfs… but I’m not in the in Bronze, so I can’t really speak about it anymore (aside from OW2 launch when everything was broken and it was throwing everyone down to Bronze 5).