So, when are we changing Storm arrow?

When one of the devs say they don’t like what Storm arrow has become, why is it taking so long to change?

reduce each arrow to 60 damage
remove headshots
decrease fire rate

allow Hanzo to use his Ultimate mid way through
allow Hanzo to use one of the arrows for Sonic arrow instead
allow Hanzo to cancel it

we can’t have nerfs without equal buffs

I’m not complaining because at least it’s better than scatter arrow was. That ability was a nightmare that should never have existed to be as powerful as it was. But we still have plenty of one-shot abilities in the game - heck, Doomfist is built around it. But at least most require close range like FlashBang/Fan the Hammer

Oh no devs didn’t anticipate that storm arrows would make Hanzo a Spamzo?

Who didn’t anticipate this coming? Only them apparently.

Pls actually play Hanzo before making posts like this, the ignorance is painful to read.

He can already do these things!!!

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how about no, i can have an opinion on your hero whether you like it or not

How many storm arrows did you die to?

Storm arrows are literally not used by half the streamers. Wraxu and Samito were talking it was trash.

The only time I use storm arrows is to break shields and quickly sneak in a sonic arrow. Also to spam chokes. Its really easy to land a headshot or two in silver where everyone walks in straight lines. Also, to follow up on a full charged shot to secure a kill.

We have to work for it big boi

Half the suggested buffs were already there, and that was where I knew OP hasn’t played the thicc japanese archer

Those buffs are terrible and the nerf is extremely substantial. Based on your own logic… No.

When you replace it with an ability that busts shields.

This is not accurate. They actually like the rework for Storm Arrow and the change in projectile speed, they just wonder if there were not other options. Here is the actual quote:

These features with Storm Arrow are already available to Hanzo.


Tfw the “buffs” are already things that Hanzo can do