So when are Blizzcon 2019 tickets happening? (Sombra Demon Hunter skin)

Gonna not miss Sombra Demon Hunter Skin this time, even though I was told I could.

Totally not salty at all.

Where did you see it would be back as part of the 2019 Blizzcon ticket?

Where do you see it not?

Or rather, when are they actually going to address this? We as the community can hypothesize and say this, that, and the other thing, but quite honestly I want to hear from Blizzard themselves. What’s the silence all about?


They have never repeated a year’s Overwatch rewards.

Kinda have to though…

No. They do not. The reward only has to come at the end of the year. And even then they don’t have to release it all, technically.

Ticket sales started and ended a month ago.

Can’t they be sued for false advertising then.

I am still trying to find out how, when and (most importantly) if, the Demon Hunter Sombra skin will return as promised. However, I am highly doubting it will be part of the 2019 In-Game Goodies for BlizzCon Live Ticket and Virtual Ticket holders, expect a new collectible item for next year.

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No. Because we didn’t incur any damages.

Keep killing goats to summon a dev please then…

Sorry, such sacrificial rituals are no longer effective.

You need to find a pet goat of theirs then

According to an article on Blizzard’s news blog, there are no known goats as pets on the Blizzard Campus. At the time of the article, there are 704 dogs, 36 cats, 5 bunnies, 1 turtle, and 4 fish aquariums. However these numbers may now be different.

Source: Pet Playground: Animals at the Blizzard Campus — All News — Blizzard News


The turtle then… cause bunker comp.

Soap doesn’t sound bad.

I’d like a new skin.

704 dogs?!?! What? How? Why?

I feel bad for whoever is on Doggy Doody Duty.

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It’s a brown blizzard I guess.

When I took a tour of the Blizzard campus in 2018 they have several doggy duty bag stations, the teams there are very respectful of the campus grounds and clean up after their pets.

If you like to learn more about the lifestyle for Blizzard including the pets, I encourage you to follow @LifeAtBlizzard on Twitter.