So what will be the Dev teams next move?

After seeing the stock dropping further i wonder what will happen next.

OWL league generates fake viewer numbers through token drops, so people start the stream and do not even watch it. No surprise when the same 3-3 comps clash on nearly every match and nearly every map.

Dev introduce buffs and nerfs for OWL with completly no regard for the “lower” ranks (e.g. Reaper buff, that does not adress any of his problems but introduced a buff that is opressive in low ranks and does not make him any usefull in high ranks). Ideas and comments from high ranked streams or ex pro players are ignored. So naturally less new people are drawn to the game and with an increase in smurfs/throwaway accounts/frustrated people/toxicity etc. player number are also likely to decrease over time.

Now that it is 2019 and companies like Activision and EA do not care about your hapiness as a gamer but about your money, their investors and their stock, things will only change if the latter is plummeting like it is now.

So what will be the next move to save this? OW f2p with access to comp only if you buy the game but then instantly without level resitriction? -> Inflating number of game sales as you can “smurf” right from level 1 just by rebuying the game

I am really interested to see what the roadmap looks like. OWL did not increase the stock, every day there is more frustration in these forums about certain balance changes that do not make certain heros more powerfull/usefull in higher ranks but extremly OP in lower ranks. About the smurf/toxicity/not giving a … mentality. So Blizzard what is your next move to save your stock?


New skin for tracer and next character is gonna be aliensexual


You should follow what they’re doing before coming here to whine.

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Yes, because Activision Blizzard ENTIRE stocks depends COMPLETELY on the Overwatch dev team alone, after all, Overwatch is the only Activision Blizzard game in existence, and every single rise and drop of their stocks should be attributed to it!


So please tell me how good WOW or Diablo 3 and upcoming Diablo immortal are doing currently (blizzard side of games). Or let us talk about HS and HOTS :smiley: They must be doing amazing seeing the stock values.

And to the patch notes: Please tell me how exactly does e.g. the Junkrat change influence high level play? He will not get picked anyway. In lower ranks he is the new reaper. Reapers 50->40% will do nothing in lower ranks to really balance him. Additionally baptiste is discussed in the pro scene to help goats manifest further.

I mean i am using this account to goof around in the game from time to time. My main i do not play any longer and i moved to other games with my friends already. Just checked on the stock now and could not stop laughing

All 3 Main divisions : King, Blizzard, Activision actually showed profit last year. You’re talking stock price, which after bad reviews fell but isn’t reflecting actual performance of individual game IPs. Investors saw some bad PR and backed out, not a financial fall. Using the stock price as an indication of poor player experience is like using racing odds at a dog track to estimate how well they’re treating the dogs. Quite unrelated.

Yeah we need some work, but I’m seeing some sweeping changes lately. Can’t wait for the new character and changes to go live.

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He will deny 3 tanks comp. (Those comp are gold for Junk, ez to farm ult and ez to target)

It will make him easier to kill. People asked for that and Blizzard just listened to the feedback.

Except that Baptiste as a strong synergy with DPS heroes so we’ll see.

For the stocks, don’t forget Activision has also its own games.
The stocks is lower than before but still higher than 2016-17.

“im gonna just ignore everything that the game has done right, while simultaneously reading the dev’s mind and i am here to proclaim - they DONT care about the player experience”

overwatch has always been well tuned to make money, but the concept that keeping people happy makes money isn’t new. You’re severely underestimating the dev team if you think this hasn’t occured to them.

also, enough about this “OWL has complete influence over how they balance the game”. it’s speculation that is easily swept aside when you look at the balance changes that are clearly catering to midrank.

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Almost every esport does this. If the proportion of players ghost watching for drops is proportionate to the playerbase then League of Legends is in really in trouble… (hint: it’s not)

Also you seem to think people are very attached to getting skins for a game they supposedly don’t play anymore… (viewership is up 30% BTW).

Reality is: Activison gutted the dev teams to try and make CoD the next Fortnite. It didn’t work and the stock took a hit. Blizz are recruiting more devs (most of the recent lay offs were not developers but other personnel, hence the drop in OWL and OWC production quality) and HotS developers just got shifted around. OW might be the first esport they’ve done successfully (if not in a healthy manner but that’s a discussion for another time).

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first they will do april first joke…than more layoffs…:rofl:

  • Wow is the most played MMORPG fifteen years after it’s released, and it has been the most played MMORPG every single of those fifteen years. Any other developer would kill to have a game they can claim that of.

  • Diablo 3 is a game that has no real active development so it’s doing about as well as you’d expect. It’s basically a singleplayer game with some multiplayer features

  • Diablo immortal (boring though it may be) will probably make them a massive return on investment because that’s how mobile games work. Very low development cost with relatively high return has been the pattern in mobile games for years now.

False. If you watch Jayne’s pro PUGS for example you’ll see that players found that he doesn’t fit well in Goats, and has more synergy with bunker comps.