So what were these Hog buffs I'm hearing about?


Honestly if his kill potential has risen then get rid of them. Really do we need more of a reason to remove Reaper from the game?


His buffs are here.


Chain Hook

  • Decreased the delay before pulling a hooked target from 0.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds
  • Now greatly reduces the target’s momentum upon being hooked
  • Cooldown now begins immediately, instead of after the target has been pulled

Scrap Gun

  • Spread pattern adjusted for both primary and secondary fire
  • Spread randomization reduced by 50%

Whole Hog

  • Knockback maximum velocity increased by 25% (from 8 to 10 meters per second)
  • Horizontal recoil decreased slightly


Idk what hog being good has to do with deleting reaper, but maybe you should just go read the patch notes like a normal person eh? Or stop posting rhetorical threads because you don’t like hog. Idc which you pick.


Horizontal recoil? What does that imply? I didn’t know there was a different between horizontal and vertical recoil in the game.


Hey fun fact, Reaper got a buff too


Ah yes, because me asking and wanting do discuss Hog’s changes means I’m allergic to patch notes.

Also are you unaware that if Hog is too powerful Reaper is actually just useless? Hog should be more focused on being a blob tank that forces positioning not a raw ball tanky DPS that many use him as effectively making Reaper useless.

For better context he should be like Blitzcrank not Lux.


Thread title quite literally asked what the changes were. Maybe be more clear in your intentions next time thx.


And this is a forum called discussion. Why even be here on a post about discussing topics if you’re not going to try and, ya know?

Literally everything on this part of the forums is meant to do one thing. I shouldn’t have to explain this rather simple concept to you, yet here we are.


You wrote a headline implying you were ignorant of the changes, then got sassy when directed to actually do your own homework and look them up. Whole OP reads like you’re complaining about what you think the changes are without actually knowing what they were.


How about you go ‘discuss’ the changes on, i don’t know, the discussion page for the PTR patch notes instead of whining in the General Forums about a PTR buff that may not even make it to live?


Just because my writing style offends you doesn’t mean it isn’t doing what it set out to be. Sorry I didn’t take your fragile feeling into account when making a post that just asked what was going on.

Also I literally asked a legitimate question about the balance post with my second reply. You were the person who literally just showed up throwing around insults.

I came here to discuss you came here because you cant fathom the idea that someone could be somewhat against buffs to a person without compensation buffs to others.


Roadhog is trash on live and Reaper too, what does that mean? Right, Roadhog doesn’t affect Reaper in any way, Reaper is trash because new heroes got added and his abilities are lackluster, especially shadowstep.


People ask for more Doomfist counters. The devs buff Doomfist’s counters. The forums complain. I’m not surprised at all…


They didn’t say anywhere that they were offended, though. All they said was that it seemed as though you were complaining about changes that you were ignorant about, which from the opening post, it does very much seem that way. Maybe next time you type something, read it back out loud and think “How is this going to come across to other people?” before you hit the button to post it.

Either way, your posts are inflammatory and aren’t really constructive in any way. Gonna have to go ahead and report them and move on from this thread. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


Thats within your power regardless of how wrong I think you are. The fact is that I just made a post that in no one attacked anyone but made a statement and yet am being treated as if I did something wrong because it was misunderstood.


Both Hog and Reaper have been buffed in ways where their roles are much more defined instead of blurring the lines when one is more capable of killing than the other.
Hog’s more dedicated to his hook combo now, with theoretically more consistency in his shots and less relying on RNG to make your pick.
Reaper had his life drain passive buffed from 20% to 30%, which can greatly increase his survival vs tanks and other squishier heroes. More consistency in his shots should guarantee reliable damage in the range it was intended for.


Ah so we’re back to blaming Reaper being garbage on Roadhog


Im not complaining about countering Doomfist or Hog, Im talking about how Reaper should get compensation buffs when Hog gets his own buffs.

As Raptordan was saying Hog and Reaper are more defined now but the fact still is that if one is meta the other is trash anned.


Reaper isn’t trash because of Hog.

Even when Hog got nerfed into oblivion for two months, Reaper was barely played.
Reaper needs changes to his kit, and probably a new E or a RMB ability to help him engage fights. Stop trying to nerf Hog because Reaper is bad, it’s like me asking for Widowmaker to be nerfed because McCree is barely played.


Here’s some things that would benefit reaper in what he does:

  • RMB ability that allows him to negate armor entirely without increasing his damage
  • Make kills reset his abilities, or shave off 4 seconds of cool down per kill
  • Not sure what can really replace Shadow Step, but making it faster overall and more viable IN combat would be better than what it currently is now. I’d like to keep it only because it would make a better escape tool than Wraith because of the distance it covers.