So what happened with the "reducing CC" that was being looked into?

We got this in november:

Incoming PTR Changes:

In that patch Brigitte and Doomfist got the hammer, did it stop at those two heroes or is it still an on going thing?

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I mean it isn’t as game breaking as the 5 Second SB combined with the ranged Doom slam, but it can still be pretty annoying.
Considering CC is not considered a main problem anymore, I think it stopped there.

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That would be quite unfortunate. I wouldn’t oppose tuning down couple of other CCs.

Can’t be tanks crying about cc chains, if there’s no viable tanks to play, problem solved.

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I don’t think cc was ever a problem. Brig with cc plus huge dmg was strong, but if sleep dart did 75 dmg, yeah… It’d be even stronger, etc. It’s the combination of things that slow where cc is strong. But that’s not really a thing without high coordination imo.
Otherwise sleep would be the ultimate op broken mess … It’s not.

After the Bash through barrier nerf, they could have nerfed the actual Brig stun rather than the damage though. Maybe nerfed the range instead?

Right now I think FTH is bringing up the worst in Flashbang, if that makes any sense.

Mei’s lasting effect could maybe be toned down as well (not the frozen effect, just the time slow duration after the last Cryo hit is taken.

Sombra is underpowered, but she also has a very strong silence ability. Maybe decrease duration while increasing Sombra’s damage against hacked target (as in a passive)? Overall this could be a buff while reducing her annoyance factor.

I don’t know, just tossing ideas, I was hoping for more CC adjustments given the statement made.

Rein certainly needs a nerf to CC. Earthshatter needs to be looked at. Especially given the fact that Rein has enough time to knock down the enemy and get 2 swings in to kill enemies on his own. That shouldn’t be allowed.


Since GOATS, I thought nerfing Rein swing damage, from lets say 75 to 65, would reduce the use of shatter considerably.

Also, increase the “cooldown” on Rein getting ult charge by a couple of seconds. Right now Rein can get 10-20% by ending shatter with charge.

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In the same patch they buffed the most stun focused braindead aspect of mccree too.

I’m pretty sure they meant they would avoid adding new stun effects to the game, not eliminating current ones.

Crowd control effects are an integral part of the game. The type of effect was the issue: they overused stun. Hopefully future cc will be different types with less shutdown potential, like root, silence, or slow.

I think Shatter should have its range and duration reduced, and Rein should have a little more recovery time after using it so he can’t clean up so well by himself.

Well, they said “remove or reduce” so I suppose I interpreted it as removing/reducing it from the live game. They added Coach Gun in the same patch, so in hindsight that maybe was foolish of me.

Well, if they add more characters without stun effects, it reduces the percentage of characters with stun effects. Maybe that’s what they meant? :slight_smile:

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Or they could be adding a new hero with counter-CC abilities. Maybe Echo is going to be a support-Zarya style of hero.

Youre not the only person wondering. No reply. I give up. They probably just meant Brig and Doom.

Oh well. I dont even care anymore.

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So the notes were written by Obi Wan?

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They reduced CC by reducing Brig/Doom/Sombra pickrate

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Yeah, those were in the patch, they hinted that maybe there was more to come.

Here’s a list of CC added into the game since launch:

  • Ana’s Sleep.
  • Sombra’s Hack.
  • Orisa’s Halt.
  • Doomfist’s Uppercut.
  • Doomfist Slam.
  • Doomfist Rocket Punch.
  • Brigitte’s Whip Shot.
  • Brigitte’s Bash.
  • Ashe’s Coach gun.

Also the already existing CC got buffed:

  • Phara’s boop had her cooldown reduced from 12 to 9.
  • Lucio’s boop had his ammo requirement removed.
  • McCree Flashbang got his stun increased.
  • Mei’s Freeze became piercing and the slow effect duration increased.
  • Earthshatter now goes through payload.

These CCs that got nerfed:

  • Roadhog’s Hook 1.0 was reworked to only hit its own space-time continuum.
  • Pharah’s primary got her blast radius reduced.

Now, most of these changes are good changes, and most if not all make sense by themselves. I’m not saying they don’t, and I love most of the new heroes added as well. However, I think all together they paint a picture quite well: CC creep got to Overwatch and it still needs to be toned down even after the Bash nerf and Doomfist nerfs.

No, I’m not saying nerf the heroes with CC like it hapenned with Brigitte and Doomfist, but adjustments surely could be made.

How about a CC-lock resistance? After the first CC, you get X% reduced CC for a short duration. Something small, just to reduce the effects of being CC-locked. Playing the game often feels like playing pinball, except you’re the ball being banged around. That’s one stupid idea, I’m sure there’s better.

Regardless, I hope CC still being looked at like said way back November.