So what happen to the Mccree event?

Thank you Andy. Always appreciated!

Blackwatch is a thing of the past.
Overwatch’s elite unit to react more quickly to certain problems and which, among other things, led to the dissolution of Overwatch and the Petras Act,

Just because Overwatch is active again in “Zero Hour” (but the Petras Acts is still activ and so Overwacth is still illegal and at the same level as Talon) Blackwatch is not automatically reactivated.

Half of the Blackwatch troop is Talon, the other half are Overwatch members or gang leaders.

Even if I see the possibility for Reaper, Sombra and Widowmaker to join or at least to help Overwatch (with the latter I hope for such a (redemtion) Ark) I see it as very unlikely that Blackwatch will be active again.

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yah no i still call him mcree. cassidy is a terrible name!


celebratory moment

Pick one?

How about a more simple yes or no question, will there be any juicy lore? I am personally starving for some Overwatch lore.


Perhaps a short story :eyes:

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a question from us readers of the lore: in Retribution there will be in-game dubbing as “Cassidy” because no moment of the hero’s name change is considered canonical or precise in the OW timeline?

We are very confused about this “retcon” detail.

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Exposition: He is edgy
Rising Action: He is edgy
Climax: He is edgy
Falling action: He is edgy
Resolution: He is edgy


Upload an image of the new skin and tell us what day it’ll come out on

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If it’s like previous short story/skin challenge events, the story will release next Monday (and show the skin) and the challenge will start Tuesday.

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Okay, BUT why did you go forgetful on his voice lines, I’ve noticed that ALL of his lines that had his previous name is still there but, it’s now been cut off… Like his “old” line "Mccree, at your service.

I do hope that you’re going to be remaking or at least fixing his voice lines properly, because having it like that feels like the game was placed back in time instead of trying to look to a newer future.

Lore? What do you think lore just grows on trees or smthn? :rofl:

your so called addiction needs to be grounded more in reality, yes they will try to fit it in the lore but ultimately the change was most likely a retcon and if there’s an inconsistency there you’ll have to deal with it

I wouldn’t count on that… november is an empty month without blizzcon, so they’ll probably want to fill up the middle of the month more so than the beginning

But I like to eat lore… tastes like chicken.


If there’s an inconsistency, then it’s bad writing and poor story planning. The announcement tweet made it a plot device, so it gets treated like a plot device. If they say it is a retcon, then it gets treated like a retcon and I can just substitute every instance of JM with CC, no problem.

Why did you even include this in your post? Does it make you feel good to include jabs when communicating with someone? Questionable behavior.

Yeah I kinda hate that. I thought they were just going to officially change his name to Cassidy and try to change all that they currently can that relates to that and just not draw attention to the old name.

By making it that he “changed name cause lore” you give the old name exactly what you wanted to get rid of … it’s relevance

Now his fake name will always be “Mccree” because they just had to make a lore tie in when the motivating force behind the name change was not lore related.


it does when the person in question flaunts a considerable amount of entitlement over a problem that has real world implications, you know the answer to this question yet here you are playing dumb and if you genuinely think they will keep McCree as his name on retribution then that is, once again, entitlement and a disservice to the efforts that the OW team went through to get rid of the name

so yes, you get a jab because you deserve to be smacked down from your high horse, the story of the game clearly isn’t more important than the name change

If it starts on the 9th, it’ll end on the 23rd - filling up the middle of the month.

Oh, please, please.
Me, too!
Sign me up for that Reaper lore!

Not to mention in the last ama they said there will be Reaper lore in the future.

It’s still unconfirmed by the lore department, but I hear that the secret of Zenyatta’s levitation is extreme germophobia.