So what are the Nerfs they did to doomfist?

I’m just wondering how badly did they Nerf my main

The PTR patch notes are always pinned at the top of the PTR Feedback page.

Oh thanks I guess I’m blind

Pretty much

  1. Nerf his slam range to 3/4 of its previous range (15m instead of 20m)

  2. Remove the opponent’s loss of control from slam

  3. Reduce the CC from 3 seconds down to .6

  4. Increase the radius of the center of doom’s ult by .5 but reduce the max damage of the counter circle from 300 to 200

Woah SO STRONG EXTRA 5 meters I’m gonna miss playing doom

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i just saw that the distance nerf isn’t listed, did they reverted it? if so, then that’s the best thing they could do. every other nerf is fine

It’s still there it’s just not the same update. Doom got nerfed in 2 patches.

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