So... Was role queue supposed to be a joke?


You didn’t have any point in your post mate… it was a red herring with no actual input.


Enforcing Roles leads to hilarious results at the start of the match.


okay, now im confused, is this a rant post and anyone who says anything constructive is trolling?


Was that an attempt to sound smart? Its not a pill… The system itself doesn’t actually do anything. Statistics wouldn’t need to be taken to prove a system doesn’t offer any real change.

Your confusion has been apparent for some time. You didn’t say anything constructive. You just said stuff to like a kid trying to fill an awkward silence. It didn’t have any value to the conversation.


okay what would be a constructive post then? your entire topic is ranting about an optional setting in an optional grouping system which allows to to group up in any mode… what is there to discuss??? if you dont want roles enforced then dont join those who do, if you dont want to use LFG then dont use it


It just seems to go against the statistics we do have on player toxicity, so I was wondering exactly what data you were looking at. If you don’t want to believe the Blizz reports, that’s fine. Just provide some rationale to explain why you think that the statistics is complete BS.


Seriously are you a troll? The entire point is they wasted a perfectly good system on a mode that doesn’t need it.

So what does that have to do with my post? You quoted irrelevant information… you do realize im talking about the implementation of role queue only to LFG yes? Im not talking about LFG or commendations… Commendations were a side note because they are just a feel good exp farm that will never be able to accomplish their goal.

Those statistics are a joke in the first place. They use reports of abusive chat in an attempt to imply that toxicity has been lowered… More people are in groups…Its cause an effect in the worse way possible… less people in the cess pool less people reporting their forced matched team mates… The Stats were irrelevant to my point in the first place… but bad stats are worse then then irrelevant stats… they just make you look worse.

If they used average reports per day and only included non lfg matches there would be a less well… stupid statistic. Instead they released a biased weighted statistic that ignores pretty basic principles.


ive had my best season yet with lfg. even if its harder i still rather 6 stack then solo any day


Are you people doing this on purpose…?


This was not a post about LFG. As a whole I think LFG is fine. IM TALKING ABOUT ROLE SELECT AND ITS IMPLEMENTATION ONLY TO LFG. A place where it serves no purpose. ROLE SELECT ROLE SELECT ROLE SELECT.


now for the billionth time.

Role select was something a large part of the community had been asking for, for quite some time. As a way to counter act the randomness that is inherent in solo queue. Nothing quite as fun as 6 genji 1 tricks on 1 team right?!?!?!

So Blizzards happy reveal of “ROLE SELECT” with no real benefit was a punch in the face as it doesn’t offer any actual benefit.

Now I reread my initial post and my exact point may not have been as obvious as I first thought… but it should have been clear like less then half way through this… so once again



I don’t know what you mean by “role select”. Being able to slect roles is great for putting together a good group.

Now if you mean enforcing roles, the point of that is to prevent some tool from signing up as one thing and doing something else.


Ignoring all the other nonsense bouncing back and forth here, the fact is, you can turn it off. So who cares?

If someone wants to run dive only, they make a group, enforce roles, disable heroes they don’t want. Then they, on an individual level, can control the comp they want to play in.

If you don’t want to be a part of that, don’t join that group. If you want to play your way, with no enforced roles, then nake that group. It does have a purpose. It gives players agency over the group they have to play with, in a game whose players regularly complain about lack of agency.


Yes… and thank you for adding to that nonsense ignoring the entire point and once again talking about LFG…

Yeah I get that…

Role select…

Take those 2 words… sound them out

ROLE " hero arch type"

Select “Choice of arch type”

Now that we have sorted that one out please try to keep in mind context What was this never about? LFG
What has nearly every reply been about… LFG…

Role select, role queue, role lock this post was about the pointless implementation of such a system in LFG a place where it honestly is pointless as people who group together normally will be working better together by standard… which is why people at max SR tend to opt to scrims over comp because well comp is a cess pool…
when it should have been applied to comp as a whole… Like this ain’t rocket science kiddies

Like reading comprehension is still taught in school right?

I literally put in in caps last time…


Well, there is no role select in this game, aside from forming LFG groups. But anyway, since you can’t be polite in your conversation, I really have no desire to engage you.


Yes… thats the entire point of my post… Took you awhile to get there yeah?

Since you needed that spelled out for you… Im perfectly okay with that… Engaging with you makes me feel as if my braincells are committing suicide 1 by 1… You no joke replied with what I just explained in caps was not what I was talking about…


See, I think the issue here is that you think you can ignore the lfg in favor of focusing on the role select. Role select is an OPTION in LFG.

So, maybe you haven’t found a group to play with yet. Maybe you don’t have friends that play overwatch. Maybe you don’t want to spend the hours and hours it takes to find and filter a group of people you like to six stack. You just want to hop on once or twice a day and play dive.

So, you hop into solo Q. Somebody inst locks Rein, somebody else insta locks Brig, and now you’re out of luck.

So you go into LFG. You use the ROLE SELECT option. You wait till your dive team forms. You go play dive. That IS THE POINT. That IS WHAT it accomplishes. Like, what exactly is the confusion here?

edit- Did you maybe get stuck into a LFG 6 stack that someone left? Making you the odd one out in a role locked team? That’s honestly the only reason I can think of that you would be mad at role select…


NO REALLY??? Thats the entire point dude…

What does this have to do with anything…?

Seriously are you trying to sell me on the benefits of LFG? Why? What does that have to do with role select?

What on earth would be the problem of 2 people instalocking 2 core meta heroes…? I dont understand how that would be

The confusion is you somehow think I was talking about LFG… When in reality I was talking about well

Why do you keep blathering on about LFG? I already stated LFG as a whole is fine… Do you just skip over anything that has any relevance to my point so you can have an excuse to ramble…? Like nothing you have said has been in the ball park of this conversation despite me no joke spamming it out in CAPS

Then again Im the one stupid enough to keep replying to this… Like I spammed it out in caps and yet I keep getting people saying the same things… Im either being trolled or people are just far too dumb…


The community almost had pitchforks asking for role select. They made huge topics demanding it and calling blizzard too stupid to see what their community needs. The demands for role select were nearly endless.

Some smart people were fully against it as well as blizzard. They told the community repeatedly its not the correct thing for this game.

Sometimes you have to give people what they want for them to realize they didnt really want that.

Role select feature has been an absolute failure for this game (in my eyes). Its not a shock to anyone that could step back and see that MANY players actually DO flex. Locking roles is way too restrictive for players with a large hero pool.

LFG is amazing and exactly what this game needed to form groups. It needs a lot of refinement and qol changes but LFG is great!


I agree LFG is an amazing tool. However there will always be people who prefer solo queuing. There will always be times that people who do like grouping feel like solo queuing. Top 500 players have often grouped together in the past and yet they have largely left comp in favor of scrims. LFG and grouping in general can not be the be all end of comp reforms. The SR system is in shambles, people from every rank agree, nearly every top player agrees its a very very poor representation of skill, you tubers, content creators and ESL players all agree its bad.

You calling your people who agree with your point smart is a nice and all but lets just ignore that. Blizzards decision making doesn’t have a great track record, and they never gave us role select/queue. What they gave us was an entirely different system (LFG) that included that function.

Adding it only to LFG negates the reason people asked for it in the first place. Preformed groups have always been more likely to flex, they go in to a game with the idea of coordination and building a fluid team comp.

Now Im not saying a role queue system being added to comp would fix any issues, it may make more… but as of right now its been a constant suggestion, blizzards reasoning as to why its a bad idea is a joke, Blizzards opinions are in general that… they are still insisting their MMR system works well after all…

MistaTwistaa stop replying please… you’re having a conversation with yourself. I don’t mind letting this thread die… but I don’t want to keep reading your nonsense.


You asked what what role select accomplishes. I told you. The reason LFG keeps getting mentioned is becuase role select IS A TOOL WITHIN LFG that allows you to tailor LFG to your personal tastes.

if you want to play 2-2-2 you got it. If you want to play triple dps, or triple tank, or triple support? You got it. That is what role select does.

It not only allows you to tailor your LFG group to your personal tastes, it also allows you the guarentee you can play the role you want. Do you hate getting told to swap because two people already picked DPS? Well worry no more, just select a DPS locked role in LFG and DPS to your hearts content.

That is what it does. Role select gives you a tool to customize your LFG group to the exact specifications you want. I’m not aeguing for or against it I’m just trying to answer your question.


Then don’t… Let it die lol.