So uhh, why is Roadhog enabled in Competitive Deathmatch?

5 seasons in and the devs still haven’t realized how busted he is in ffa?

play reaper bruh


People care about competitive deathmatch?

Not really. Most people view it as just “more comp points”, do their placements, and move on… just like every other arcade competitive.


Oh I know, I literally threw all my placements or went Torb-bot hunting, I just assumed everyone treated the mode the same way outside of like…a few people who have to tryhard in everything they do. Hearing people who take comp deathmatch seriously surprises and baffles me.

idk why is zarya even playable in dm? The game isn’t designed for dm

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No, its actually my favorite mode. I play Ana.

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Reaper is good against the lone 1 or 2 Roadhogs. 3+ hogs in a game (extremely common at every rank above gold) and all the Hogs are just staring Reaper down trying to get an easy hook kill. Not to say that a good Reaper can’t outplay these scenarios, but generally Roadhog is overtuned as f*** and playing him nets you free SR on the order of 1000+ points where the Hog player ought to be, while also enabling an extremely unhealthy metagame. He needs a ban in ffa.

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