So today out of 15 games


out of 15 games I’ve had 4 leaver’s ,2 dc returns, 4 throwers and 2 hackers in my games and 2 games I lost out right. This game is kinda bad no?


How are you sure they were hacking?


Cause they were better than him


Don’t know what any one of those have to do with the state of the game. Says something about the player base if anything.


I checked your profile after reading this post, and I must admit, I’m surprised that you experienced this on PC as opposed to PS4.


Sounds hard to believe. In my ~1200 hours of Overwatch, only a handful of times have I ever even considered that someone could be cheating.


In my 2300+ hours I’ve probably seen like 3 or 4?

I’ve probably seen more but they didn’t impact my games more than a guy with decent aim.


well some smurfs on my team claim they knew where they were and even went sombra still they knew. once called out they left game and came back in then the widow feed and died like 10 times straight after that they were on defense where they full held due to magically still killing our whole team over and over and over. so idk man. hackers are few thats for sure but i do see them once in a while. the one example that i saw was a person with about 300 plus hours in the game from silver then gold for many seasons then all of a sudden widow only diamond with almost no playtime. not sure if the you are trash get gud childish memes can apply. but just in my last game there was a 3 stack carrying a low gold mercy one trick. after we lost they typed their stream and the title of the stream was 4.1k smurfing so idk not only was that whole team toxic it seemed to be completely one sided. you can’t just tell someone like me to getgud when 4 dps is always locked and everyone is fighting at one another about the smurfs on the other team. meh almost not worth voicing your opinion on these forums.