So tired of seeing hanzo in every match

and i don’t think the “”““nerf””“” will do any change

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He’s meta, he’s easy. If you wanna win without a pain, choose Hanzo…

Guess you are all GM… Dunno what part of the madda madda brother being like the two most popular heroes in the game flew above your heads. Not saying he is weak, but a lot more too it. I also see genji at least once every game.

I’ll take Hanzo over Genji, Sombra, and Tracer. Three heroes I will see back to back to back, despite the players changing.

At least Hanzo I know where to not stick my head out. With those three, I could be minding my own business, walking with my team, and I’ll randomly explode and all I’ll see is Genji’s cheeks disappearing around a corner, Tracers trace lines from her zipping around, or Sombra’s fade effect from dipping out.

Flankers are frustrating and I’m a Plat player. I don’t mind them now and then, but dear god can I go one game without having to play dodgem with flankers?


he will be played less for sure but will he be less frustrating? i very much doubt it.

In the past, I have expressed the opinion that Hanzo and Widow should leave the enemy with at least 1 HP if they were to be nerfed (excluding the latest Widow nerfs). If these characters are truly as powerful as they seem, they should have no trouble finishing off their targets.

However, it is important to give the opposing player and their team a chance to defend themselves, considering Overwatch is a team-based game. Also, in a fast-paced game like Overwatch, snipers and one-shot abilities may not be suitable, unlike in other games featuring snipers.

He’s literally in every match right now. Imagine after the Widow nerf. His pick rate is about to skyrocket.

I think we’ll be seeing more Hanzo nerfs in the future.

Maybe u need to get gud

What are you on about? If hanzo is free win logically they should just play him and get GM no?