So they dont even bother hyping up new BP seasons or heroes?

Has this game already been reduced to a skeleton maint crew?


Always has been. It’s truly over for overwatch 2. Hopefully overwatch 3 will save us.

The final week hasn’t started yet. That’s when S3 teasers happened.

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I never will understand this complaint. Showing us the new Season 2 weeks before it comes out would just be annoying IMO because then we just have to wait around for them. Sure it creates “hype” for the first few days but then everyone is just left waiting and waiting.

It’s like if your parents showed you what they got you for Christmas at the start of the month but said you still can’t open it until the actual morning of. So frustrating. Either show it to me and gimme now or let me be surprised!

Doing it the weak before/of seems ideal to me.


They could incorporate little teasers in hero interactions or something small as a buildup.

Apex does many little things a month out from hero release or even just an event release and it is always hype.

Tbf they have been doing that though. The past month/2 months they’ve teased:

  1. That the new hero is tied to/hinted at on the Esperanca map, which points to them being related to the Collective and Claudio and Hector Martins
  1. That it’s a support
  1. That this new hero, and the next one, are “cute”. “Not cute like a dog, but cute like Mercy”
  1. The following quotes:

“mechanics that will be interesting to watch in high level games”

“the kit is completely unique and different to anything weve done in OW before”

“I do think it’s safe to say this hero will offer some opportunities for some light trolling. So, if you play Overwatch 2 with your friends and they’re annoying you, maybe you’ll want to switch to this hero to keep them in check.”

I suppose that’s not MUCH teasers compared to some past heroes but at least it isn’t just silence :stuck_out_tongue:

This game is an afterthought for Activision. They have Call of Duty, Diablo IV and the Microsoft acquisition looming. Bobby doesn’t even remember Overwatch exists.

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This isn’t specifically about Hero 37.

And “Mercy cute” was only one of the answers a viewer asked on chat. The other being “dog cute”.

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When does the Season end, the 11th? If so, I’m sure all the content creators will slowly be free from NDA the week leading up to that time to reveal information, likely starting on and after next Tuesday. Anything shown would likely be a spoiler of the final product, rather than some clue or tease to it since we know what type of content is mainly coming.

Probably get something on Tuesday. Relax.

Because hype as a marketing tactic is dead. The new generation of gamers want things NOW. Waiting for something is a turn-off

Hey dude you said you would be “quitting” until PVE came out. Might be a good idea to stick to your word. Unless that was for attention

5% win rate isnt very fun tbh

said I was thinking of quitting

you’re a creeper for stalking peoples post history btw

in game it says 9 days until season is over so, yeah the 11th, people is freaking out about this but in reality we still have a week and some days to go -.-

So it was for attention. Ok got it.