So the dev update briefly mentioned Hero 28?

I am at work, and though I can post on the forums I cannot watch videos. IT always comes back and says people have been watching YouTube blah blah blah. Anyways I saw a thread about Hammond again and that name hasn’t been spoken in ages… what was said exactly? Or changed? I heard Horizon Lunar Colony map changed a bit? Was this in PTR?

Here are the recent PTR patch notes. Sorry, I can’t link yet

As for new hero, I didn’t pick up on anything that even remotely teased it.

The Lunar Colony map has a few interesting changes that hints at another monkey’s escape. Let me dig up some pictures.

Room on right has opened up

Revealing another subject’s room, destroyed

With a crude escape plan on the ground

Also, near attacker’s spawn, there is a kitchen area that is completely smashed open, and food packs are missing/opened. Someone is planning an escape to Earth!

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I’m seeing a couple Hammond topics now. I am getting hyped.

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I used to get excited about hero releases. Now I’m more anxious than anything else.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope this is an Animated Short.

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Does anyone know when about hero 28 is going to be released/announced for example I believe Brigitte was released at a similar time of year as Orisa

All new heroes have followed the same pattern. About 4 months between releases.

Ana July 2016
Sombra November 2016
Orisa March 2017
Doomfist July 2017
Moira November 2017
Brigitte March 2018
??? July 2018

So we should start getting some info teased in the coming weeks and a PTR release something in early July with a final release around July 20-31.


I hope the new hero is Leroy Jenkins and his only ability is to run into a crowd of people and blow up.

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Even with the new Hammond tease, it really could be anyone. There was like 50 heroes proposed by the dev team when Overwatch was originally pitched. My guess before the recent Horizon update would’ve been a new tank like Junker Queen since they told us about that so long ago now, but who knows…