So... Symmetra is useless against shields, kind of ironic

Do you a have quote or link where they said this?

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She just needs a range increase so she can break down barriers more safely.


you missed the the point entirely, I didnt said the’re 1vs1, just that she is useless in terms of melting shields because whatever is behind that shield will kill you since you have to stay too close to the shield


And again i mention that you won’t just die because YOU HAVE A TEAM WITH YOU.

You seem to act like the tank will literally ignore everyone and go to you because you’re a Symmetra.

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But sym is in the damage class. She shouldn’t be relying on teammates for damage.


there you go :sweat_smile:


We’re not talking about damage to people nor did i say you should depend on your team for damage [also, you seem to forget “damage” is also what used to be “defense”].

You can easily melt a shield while the enemy is focused on someone else. You can also complain that you’ll be “insta-killed”, but i’m pretty sure actually being with your team is far better.

correct :man_shrugging:

you clearly didn’t played her at all lol


A range increase is what she needs more than anything 15m would help a lot


When was the last time your shield tank literally had their barrier touching the enemy’s barrier? Because that never happens for me.

And yes, tanks usually try to kill things that can’t hurt them and are standing completely open in front of them. Sym doesn’t have the range to reach the enemy barrier while being behind her own tank most of the time, especially if the enemy is on high ground.

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you’re not supposed to casualy go towards the tank, wave him a “namaste” and start melting the shield, this works when the tank is PREOCCUPIED with the rest of your team, just like flankers and snipers need the enemy team distracted. No DPS is “self-sustainable”, they will ALWAYS need the team. Either to keep them alive, bust their defenses or bait the team to one direction so you can flank on the other. Symmetra’s primary fire is to melt that Orisa or Winstom shield while they aren’t focusing on you, or just charge up on their barrier so you can turn her charged beam at someone else with full ammo. I do agree Symmetra could use some more sustain, like a boost of 50 HP, or as once suggested, generate self-shield with her primary fire.

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I think the problem here might be that you’re standing out in the open, battering a barrier through which the enemy can shoot you, thinking that you should be able to get away with that.


The let’s both teams gather in a 10m radius circle to make Symm viable.


You mean where all the barriers are? The point of a barrier is to be able to stand out in the open beacaud it offers protection

I mean… I would, if a Sym walks up to my shield to get charge off im gonna smack her to prevent that.

range increased ok but against barriers only

with… what?

honestly i used to think she was fine before this change, id even actually use her and have fun, but today…im never touching her again. whats her ult even supposed to do, all it seams to do is make people walk through it to fight each other. its like everyone just is annoyed by it on both sides

I mean, yeah but she’s better in a lot more things now.

In case I wasn’t clear, “out in the open” here refers to not using any sort of cover of your own while slamming your face into an enemy barrier.