So Symmetra didn't get buffed after all?

Geoff said she was going to receive a change together with other heroes but when the ptr went out she is nowhere to be found in the patch notes.

Are they considering changing her buff?

Maybe a increase to her health by 50 shields, reduced tp deploy time and reduced cd on turrets would help her much more than a damage buff(she already deals a lot of damage she just needs a little bit more safety when doing so).

Thats what most of the Symmetra community would like from day 1 and she would be fine really.

Maybe they forgot to add it to the patch notes list. i mean they forgot her for over a year before so :stuck_out_tongue:

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She did get buffed. It’s just not listed. Not that I think she needs a buff anyway…

I dunno why they keep on goofing up with symmetras patch notes in particular… They never mention her correct values for beam damage,

They didnt mention her beam charging a tad faster

Why do they just forget her existence? Is it because she’s indian? So racist !

The change in question was in a separate post on the forums, and hasn’t been put on PTR yet. In it, Symmetra’s ramp up speed was increased by 20%.

Lucio and Zen were nerfed and Junkrat buffed as well.


They have the changes are on the ptr now.

Look at the patch notes, she is nowhere to be found there, junkrat and lucio were changed, but symmetra wasn’t.

Well i just tested her and its charging faster so they just forgot to write her into it chillax

People. Make. Mistakes. The. Patch. Notes. Are. Not. 100%. Correct.

I love that blizzard always makes mistakes on Symmetra’s patch notes, just shows how easy to forget by the devs she is.

Give her a try on PTR, it’s fairly clear if you play her at all that the charge time has been buffed. I understand you may have been waiting for an official note before trying her out, but I suggest just trying her out.