So Rally now is a worse Sound Barrier?


I mean, Brigitte needed some kind of nerf. Maybe. But giving Rally decay kills the uniqueness of the ultimate. It’s 30 seconds, sure, but it still doesn’t make much sense (outside of preventing Zarya, Zen and Symmetra abusing it). Chipping it off was not a problem - a rocket/grenade or two, a half-charged Rocket punch, a few revolver shots, anything - and it’s gone. Not to mention it takes more ult charge than Transcendence, one of the two all-saving ultimates.

Armor nerf in general might have been enough, especially since (according to Overbuff) Brigitte is already the least picked support across all ranks except GM. This will only make sure Brig is never played again. She is the worst at solo-healing, a questionable pick as a second support, and only good as a third healer.

I don’t play her much, but please, don’t Doomfist her. This might be the nerf she needs, but not the one she deserves.


Brigitte and Tanks in general have been nerfed to the ground.
No point playing any of the other tanks now.
All hail the new 3dps/zarya/2healers meta.


Yep. They seem to really, really hate her. Her pick rate will drop to zero after these changes. Then, after another nerf or six, 8 months from now they’ll buff her or rework her in some incredibly stupid manner. Pretty much Blizzard’s MO at this point.


Brigitte is probably the hardest character to balance…she is Blizzard’s biggest hero mistake in OW in my mind.

That said, 30 seconds is plenty to win a fight, and no other ult assists with snowballing so readily, so I think this change is fine…on its own. Together it’ll be huge, but I’m willing to see what it does.


I feel as though the rally changes are good. After 30 seconds, the armor would either already been destroyed or still stuck to a Zarya/Zen/Sym, now they’re fixing the invincible Zens.


So now if the armor can’t be saved inbetween fights, I’d like for it to be un-nerfed back to 150 max, thanks.


Everything about her is a worse version of somebody else.


Brigitte is a throw pick after this patch goes live.
What is the point of running a Brigitte, if she can no longer defend backlines, no longer has a good ultimate and has the least healing of all supports?


Her AOE healing with Rally is not that impressive, you’d be far better off playing Zen instead.


Apples to oranges; their function is completely different.

300 armor potential as a HoT that stacks with inspire can be some insane throughput HPS.


The main advantage of Brig is that the armor stays and stacks up with Zarya and Zen shields.

Her raw healing output is not that impressive. Lucio has about the same output when amping up (although for a shorter duration). And Trans is in a whole another league.

So I don’t really see any compelling reasons to play Brig after these changes. If you’re running 2-2-2 you’re much better off with Ana+Zen.

I guess you can still run her with dive comp to protect your primary healer and to provide armor packs to diving Genjis.


Not the main advantage, but it was one of its biggest.

She’s never really been good in 2-2-2 comps, despite my suggestions to help her there and lower 3-3 viability. Not an easy change.

As for when to play her, I agree, it’ll be hard to figure out. That said, what I said at the start of the thread rings true: she’s one of the hardest heroes to balance, and that’s Blizzard’s mistake for releasing a hero like her (low skill floor/ceiling that can be used in virtually every single composition pre-nerf(s))

Normally I have faith that they’ll get a hero right eventually with balance, but Brigitte is the sole exception so far.


She can do all that. You’re just bad at her, or play with bad Brigs.


dont worry they wont doomfist her…
they will mercy her.


It’s not a worse SB. SB has a long cast time all things considered (and a variable cast time at that!) where Lucio can completely lose his ult -the slowest charging ult in the game-.

Lucio’s is meant to be used more defensively (and even then, it does not save against all things, and many things interrupt the ult), and Brig’s is meant to be used preemptively. That was how it was intended to be used from the get-go, but she charges it so fast, and it’s been indefinite, so what that amounted to was her team having constant armor.

One is armor, one is shields, but both have pros and cons.


doubt armor had any cons till now.
in fact, it proved to be superior to shields.


what are you saying? I mean if you want to be edgy one-liner guy then, by all means, the world will not change because of it. absolutely no argument is to be had because you simply have no evidence. And just by that alone, you are wrong. They are not even comparable as ults. They don’t even cast the same way!


I disagree with you, in a very cordial fashion mind you :slight_smile:
I think if anything, this makes Brigitte MORE likely to be played as a backline defender rather than a front-line off tank. For instance, she can still defend her squishy, higher healing teammates from the oncoming flanks that happen… people just didn’t really play her like that because she was pretty broken for awhile. While I think that the armor nerf ON TOP of all of the other nerfs is a little too far, I do think Blizz has (kind of ) the right idea. I just think they should think about reverting one of her abilities or something to compensate for the now lackluster ultimate she provides. Such as upping shield bash to like 25hp on impact, rather than the 90% nerf she got a couple of patches ago.


Brigg IS a worse Lucio now.


Rally is fine, think about how much better Rally is than Valkyrie even in its current state. The 30 second duration is only a really big deal for Zarya and Zenyata, otherwise teams can just adjust by spawn camping on the second fight to get use out of the armour before it goes away.