So nothing actually changed?

Took a long break back in June or so and I was persuaded to return under the assurance things had changed.

I read all the patch notes but as far as i can tell its still no aim no brain cheese and barriers along with D.Va platers being praised for using SD instead of actually being punished for over extending. SR still seems wonky as I placed high plat for all three rolls and I know my tanking is silver at best.

My question to those of you who havent stepped away is this. What (if anything) was actually changed and is noticeable and am I imagining an increase of ingame hostility.

I’ve played since beta and I missed it while I was away but it feels like it reached its Zenith back in 2017.


You may want to wait until tomorrow to make this post…


Is that the next patch?


yes it is 20 charact

Ah I see, ill go look for the PTR notes. Thsnks for the heads up.

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its changed a lot, now there are only 4 maps on loop.

Its like screaming into the void only to realize there was no void, you were just screaming. Thanks.


The percentage of smurfing/alts has grown a lot. Normal players are fed up with the terrible state of the game they’re dropping off.

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Sombra was still an fps hero tho. A highly annoying one and frustrating to play against, sure, but an fps hero non the less. Doomfist and moira on the other hand…

Wait, is the big balance patch that nerfs the shields tomorrow? I thought i heard it might be after the holidays.


Today, I believe.



> atch 1.43 clarification


Dec 5

We’ve been seeing quite a bit of misinformation being spread about our December patch (1.43).

The patch is scheduled to go live next week. Short of some unforeseen circumstance causing a delay, we’re expecting to go live with the patch next week.

I’m guessing everyone is as excited as we are for the changes to go live as soon as possible along with Winter Wonderland