So Moira's buff has been taken away if you didn't know

I was so worried that they were going to nerf her fade cause of this “buff” e.g make it 8 seconds or something

Honestly, I’d just be happy being able to heal through shields again lol.

That wouldn’t have been funny :fearful:

I say good ridence to healing through shields, Moira has two ways to do it anyway. I think thats why they buffed her after heal (maybe it needs to be cranked up another notch?)

I kinda want more mobility. I dunno, let her dive, let me set up ramps to Fade Jump off of or something. Moira for dive support 2020.

I didn’t really mind it on stuns, mccree followups on flash still require reaction time and i was getting my flash kills regardless so that didn’t bother me too much

but with sleep dart… what would be the point of it if you do everything correctly only to be punished for it?

it’d be like making it so tracer can recall out of sleep dart. it’d force you to use it just to use it because there is no point in using it on them and you’re probably going to die soon.

i’m glad they didn’t keep it