So Moira's buff has been taken away if you didn't know

Moira can no longer use Fade while stunned.

Honestly, the Sigma changes are more notable and I am glad the wait and see crowd had to ligma.

Now when she is asleep, she doesn’t phase out of an unconscious state. Makes sense.

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Wow, way to let that get tested by the community Blizz.

Maybe don’t listen to whining for once

hahahhahahhahahahahha :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

Guess she all of a sudden got more utility, huh.

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They better be prepping a fairly decent buff then

well to be fair she didn’t have the buff until like a week before so…

I mean, clearly they did. Usually the changes just rock and roll straight to live. The fact that they changed it sort of de facto proves they tested it.

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moira, are you OK?

Or that they are clueless. It was internally tested first and they said, “Yeah that’s ok” just to flip flop now. Kind of makes them look terribly inept


That goes without saying. I could not possibly agree more.

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Yes. I was one of the people against the buff. I’m happy af.


Oh, I didn’t even realize!


Is this not what PTR should be used for?
I mean, it is being called Public Test Region.

The feedback of it was mostly negative due to the fact that it didn’t addressed her problem. Instead did it lowered her skill celing and skill floor and improve her DPS play style. She needs to get more value as a healer.


It shows that Moira is in their radar, and in immediate need of buff, they are throwing out different ideals for her, and shares it with the community, it s a good thing.

Hopefully she will get something that scales well with skills.

Does it though? Why revert it now instead of when you have an alternative change. It is just the PTR, after all? Maybe she ain’t getting nothing. Who knows?

I would rather take it down as fast as possible if I was them too. Why keeps it if you know it wrong, right?

I mean it makes sense. Its a buff to her that gets worse the better you get at the game (though its obviously still good at the highest ranks its at its absolute best at the lowest ranks) which is not what she needs. She is the healing version of Reaper: great at low ranks but a trashcan at the highest ranks.

I just thought it was funny, I didn’t really expect it to last; but dang, less than a week? Good job Blizz.

Moira obviously still needs a hand though. Since you seem to like her a tad, do you mind me asking how you think she should be buffed?