So many Symmetras

Given everything the devs have told us about the lore, yeah. I don’t see any situation where she would open her arms to the LGBT community.

She dislikes omnics. Not the LGBT. She’s striving for a better world. One accepting of all people.

No where does it say this.

Her comic is called “A Better World.”

As a mercy main sym is the one hero I will GLADY pocket if someone picks her.

Our queen needs respect

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The only thing she abhors are those that interfer with her vision of the greater good, and stupidity.

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Yeah, but for her organization. She believes in their way though causalities happens.

That does not make her anti-LGBT.

We don’t know. She could be or not, but would be interesting if she was too :smiley:. It would spice things up for her.

If she’s anything like her VA she’s flying the :rainbow_flag: flag


Difference is there would be destruction here and there for “the greater good” with her organization flag xD.

Apparently because two of the three people that actually play Symmetra and have some views on Youtube are supposedly LGBT (or whatever the correct terminology is these days, LG or some thing like that) and they call her that way.

Other than that nobody really calls her that way.

Symmetra is still terrible by the way.

Right. I usually pick Symmetra first but when I see someone else pick her, I literally have to take a couple of seconds to pause and take it in haha

Needless to say when someone else does pick her, I do everything to support her haha

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Hmmph. As somebody on the spectrum myself, I have to point out that there’s a difference between being stuck up and having poor social skills. I’ve been accused of the former myself. Pretty sure I’m not. But I can be shy and awkward in some situations, and sometimes the neurotypicals see the behavior as anti-social.

Can’t speak for Sym, I don’t know her personally, but I don’t think being autistic and liking things to be a certain way necessarily makes you anti-LGBT. Again, I say this as somebody on the spectrum. I’m not going to claim it necessarily makes you pro-LGBT either, though my own experience is that it’s something I usually don’t actually care about. There’s a cognitive disconnect that makes me disinterested in politics. I tend to like or dislike people on their own merits. I would expect this to be fairly common.

Of course, my own situation is not definitive, nor would I care to claim it as such. I merely present myself as a counter-example.

My take on Symmetra is that she wants a world where people are healthy and happy, and nobody is harmed unnecessarily. Turning a group of people into second-class citizens merely because they’re not the same as others in some way would be antithetical to that aim.


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I thought it will never happen.

How dare you. Instant report!!!
And I think her lore and personality is the most misunderstood out of all heroes.

We are so different. If someone pick Symmetra first I usually observe them on how they play as Symmetra. If they’re good I support them, if they are bad I give them pointers or negotiating so that I can pick Symmetra.

Well I don’t wanna micromanage then cuz then I start to not do my job. If someone is in the same rank as me, I just assume they’re about as good as I am.

Especially in the case of Symmetra I feel like she’s not a popular pick so those who pick her usually like here so they know what theyre doing

It’s what she deserves.

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