So let me get this straight

No she’s staying. Brigitte isn’t the sole problem anymore.

I’m not

Because listing the top 10 heroes from a season doesn’t mean jack.

Dominate heroes aggregate means one thing and one thing only, that those heroes were used most at that rank, it doesn’t take into account team composition, nor does it take into account every single instance of every single strat of every single game. Stats only take you as far as the context of those stats. It’s why pickrate and winrate aren’t the single defining stats for whether a hero is OP or not, just a general understanding of how the hero is played.

This isn’t black and white.

The grey of the argument is that Dive was used, but not extensively as higher ranks as you’re trying to frame the argument.

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dive was used, but one in ever 3 to 4 games in the elo you mentioned, how is that an issue then?
the issue is people like you don’t want dive viable at all.

I dunno if we were playing the same game back in dive meta. It was quite literally Winston/Dva/Tracer/Genji (and sometimes Soldier) in just about every single one of my games in Diamond/Masters

Yes this is what I’m saying :man_facepalming:


This :clap: Is :clap: What :clap: I’m :clap: Saying :clap:

It’s not lol, you’re the one taking issue with it.

This is the problem with a lot of arguments on here, you like many others jump to conclusions based on little to no supporting evidence.

I do the same on certain things don’t get me wrong, I’ll never defend Genji to the point of being irrational about it, but at least I’ll admit it.

Let me let you in on a little secret:

I really enjoyed playing Dive comps, I’m a Pharah main

then why are you defending them adding brig to the game to nerf dive when dive was not an issue for more then 90% of the player base.

i had to play dive heroes in plat too you know. It was not the same lvl of dive you see with pro players, but i realy dont like plaing fat dps (dva)

I got even reported from my team for picking reinhartdt one game from what i know (back when dive meta was a thing) :stuck_out_tongue:

Brig was necessary. She was needed to combat dive unless Blizzard was going to directly nerf the dive heroes themselves, which they didn’t and it’s a good thing they didn’t because they would be garbage instead of having a necessary counter. Your information is false.

They know now that wasn’t the right way to go about it, in hindsight.

I’m not :joy:


Much like Dive was used in Gold at certain intervals, Goats was too at least in my experience and personal witness to it.

I saw my first GOTS comp at 2600 and we got steamrolled lol.

I saw plenty of GOATS comps after that as well in Plat games as well. You can keep repeating the stats for the 90% or whatever, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen at all.

Brig was the first in a long line of changes to take this game into Hard Counter territory, it’s Brig that snowballed the hitscan powersprint to the crazy spot they’re in now, which is why my main got Nerfed back in summer.

I don’t like Brig and I’m not defending her addition. I never did in this thread, and the only time I ever have was when I suggested using a hero like Pharah to counter her way way back when she started becoming a problem.

My initial call out was simply to let you know that these strats existed in lower ranks albeit at lower usage.

That’s it, no conclusions should’ve been drawn other than “there’s a grey area that’s not being seen”.

the only dive hero that was played in all ranks was pretty much because she is (or was idk havent really played this game since brigittes introduction) pretty much the best off tank for every situation while beign the easiest

That could also be attributed to the 2-2-2 vs 3-0-3. Remember, most players are DPS mains, especially in low ranks. So it makes sense that the current meta is less appealing down there, but more played at the top because most players at the top are professionals, and they will do almost anything to win.

If Kabaji, a top 500 DPS main streamer, does not like to play GOATs, then the lower rank players will be more reluctant to do so. Isn’t 5 DPS compositions quite the common complain from the low ranks?

They actually buffed his own speed in compensation. I think you missed it from the excitement.

If someone wants to experience the meta, then they do it so. Its not the first to see gold/plat players say “lets Dive/lets Goats” and then they pick the meta with the same heroes.

In fact, Goats is easier than Dive on lower ranks.

Then maybe they shouldn’t have added Brigitte.

yeah he basically contradicts his own words in past few interviews he faced.

goats isn’t being directly nerfed yet

He says when 5 out 6 of its most common members are now officially on the nerfed table. Some of you guys won’t be happy until every support and tank is useless I guess.

And by the way, Brig (and Moira for that matter) was released to give support players an option to not be a free meal for “divey” characters, not just a meta, an option other than Mercy and Lucio that can maybe do more than escape, like fight back some.

There is a lot more that can be said but it’s not worth the time (like Dive falling out of favour opening up the way for snipers, doomfist, sombra, etc.). You still need a lot of practise on straightening things.

I mean, OG Overwatch had 4 hero categories, and Sym was considered a support. So saying Need More Support would be almost pointless at that point.

dive was used in god damn bronze, you cant say it was only used in masters+ when people in gold, silver ,and bronze were saying “go dive” every damn game.

I agree with your sentiment. People were not playing true dive, but you still had to deal with pseudo dive which was way more annoying than quasi-goats. However, I am learning Tracer, so if some variation of dive returns… I am ready this time. Rofl.