So let me get this straight

wasnt dive…used in many ranks?

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Yeah but let’s be honest, not very well coordinated or “correct” dive in any ranks under masters. People in GM even struggled to play it right sometimes.


but wasnt it just enough that it was more useful than anything else/

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winston dva was only most picked in masters+

So make a game boasting a diverse range of playable characters with unique abilities, get upset when the community discovers that certain comps work better than everything because of poor balancing, and thus force people into a strict set of rules for how they play said game?

What could possibly go wrong?
It’s poorly designed from its core. Offer diverse range of characters and abilities and the choice to play whatever you want but punish people for playing how they want.

And instead of fixing what’s already here they continue to release new heroes that will inevitably make balancing harder. Idk just feels like priorities aren’t really in order.


it is directly nerfed, dude

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i mean, just suddnely dva nad winston on you at the same time is hard for people at platinium…where i was in the dive time

Eh I liked Brig. I liked playing supports/tanks and it gave me an option to protect the back line from flankers as there really wasn’t anything all that useful previously. Personally I think the current problem is that heroes that counter brig and the stuff she enables are very weak (ie Junkrat/Pharah/Bastion/Mei).

What were your other two accounts out of curiosity? I see you prefer Genji on this one, do you have a support/tank as the ones above 4300?

Also, the game is a few years old now. People get burnt out or simply lose interest.

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The main issue with dive was that any hero that is considered part of dive (regardless of whether it was a full dive or half dive comp) would simply delete heroes with 200 health and low mobility. Taking a look at specifically tracer, genji and dva, you literally had no counter play to it. All 3 heroes simply counter whatever you would try if it was not performed perfectly. Nerfs like decreasing deflect hitbox, tracer pulse bomb dmg and dvas defense matrix were done to try and add space to counter play without the need of perfection since the majority of the OW playerbase is plat and below. However, dive was always extremely rewarding which brig was created to make any type of dive-ish comps to think twice or plan more as to how they will approach their targets.


That’s my problem with dive: causal players “dive” by running in and not ranking when dive is meta but somehow, the mess was still more effective than a slower comp. Tanking is a mess and makes supporting a nightmare as well.

Dive meta felt more like 5 dps meta in my experience.

Brig purpose is to protect supports. Supports were goldfish in a boal for all metas before Brigitte.
That purpose just brought constant healing and support ultimates into the game encouraging GOATS. Or 3 support meta


Maybe you should watch the video and listening to his reasoning behind it, it’s actually quite intelligent. Also, he literally says they didn’t design the game with 2-2-2 being optimal in mind, but realized the community as a majority have decided this is the best way over the years. (The people, like you, who hate the idea of enforced 2-2-2, are a minority, just like the people who hated Quick Play getting a hero limit)

wait so…that tip about 2/2/2 wasnt in launch?

idk why people act like the team thats being dove is any more coordinated. Theyre at the same SR so its not like countering goats will be the easiest thing. I was against dive in almost every game in plat and diamond. It was way more common than goats is now in my games

No clue

No offense, but how do you know they are a minority? People who post to the forums are already a minority so if you’re basing it off that (not saying you are) I have my doubts.

From my own experience in game most people prefer to play dps.

During the release of OW, the game was basically no limits. Most teams would run 2-2-2 and then swap to stall comps where you would get 2-3 dvas, 2-3 tracers, 2-3 lucios, 2 mercys or 2 meis which the longest stall in overtime was about 6-8mins iirc. So to avoid crazy stuff like that, they ended up adding a limit to each hero. 2-2-2 came from organized teams from the beta days which most of them are in the OWL. Like Jeff stated, these teams would still let them watch scrims in order to get a better understanding of the heroes, comps and just raw data for balancing purposes. However, they did not enforce 2-2-2 because they wanted the playerbase to decide the direction of the game and simply go with the flow based on what the community wants.

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The same way I know that the people who were against getting rid of No Hero Limits in QP were a minority.

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supports have driven almost every single meta since the games release.
you’re straight up lying.


No. Ask Jjonak if this is a lie. We have much more support ults after Brigitte.

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