So leaves gets no banned or suspension

bruh can yall do something about these leavers. it’s getting really annoying on a comp like about 5/10 of my games I play someone leaves, tired of this.

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They are punished, its just not the same person each time.


I was suspended for 40min, due to a disconnect on my end but the system put me as a “leaver”.So yes leavers do get suspended it just takes a few games of constantly leaving

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The original leaver gets punished but what is bad now is people have learned that if you wait out the leaver timer and leave then you wont get punished or lose SR. So when someone leaves people just wait out the timer then say peace out and leave to find a fair match. Leading to there literally only being maybe 2 or even 1 person vs 6.

This is by design and has been part of the game since comp was implemented. They havent ‘learned’ anything and are doing nothing wrong

I’ve been keeping records this season and I’ve had leavers in 13 out of 252 games. That’s 5.15% of games. Some of those were right at the end though.


You will still be punished with - 25 sr loss. Sadly blizzard removed leaver based SR last season so its not worth staying for majority of players.

Its not always 25 and its not a punishment. Its a loss.

As a person who leaves, there is a timer and then sooner or later a ban.

Dont’ care though, games bad and getting people who can’t seem to press W makes me say bye.

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If you leave after time limit when someone else left its always - 25 unless they changed something last season and i am not aware of it. You are right, it is a loss, but i see it as punishement because you will lose sr because you made a choice. :slight_smile:

No different than losing

Ive lost random amounts of SR leaving during the safe window, but admittedly havent done that in about a season and a half

I have no problems with leavers given how bad most games are tbh I can’t blame them for leaving, especially tanks when your entire team gets dumpstered because your offtank refuses to swap off hog as per usual.

Improve the actual quality of matchmaking and you’ll see a lot less leavers, most problems in comp mode of this game stem from piss poor balancing and matchmaking.

Its a poor craftsman that blames his tools

The problem is the playerbase. Game is far from perfect, but the community handles it with the maturity of a tantrum throwing child

Most people are not mentally or emotionally suited for a competitive environment. This game is an excellent case study

The problem is mostly with the game itself as it does nothing to teach the fundamentals you need to be aware of in comp mode like:

  • Ult economy
  • Eco pushes
  • Resetting
  • Not wasting ults 1v6
  • Not feeding 1v6 over and over

It’s tiresome if you constantly have to explain all these concepts every single game in the few minutes games usually last and still have 90% of the people you are matched with totally ignore these and feed their brains out over and over again.

The game failing to explain fundamentals and actually give some sliver of indication what you need to improve on when playing competitively is definitely a game problem, not a community problem if you ask me.

Let alone the decisions to have the killfeed off by default and profiles set to private is inherently anti-competitive just as well as golden gun points. That just put people in a mode that they aren’t even remotely interested in as they’re really not searching a competitive experience.

There are games with far less hand holding than overwatch.

If you need everything spoon fed to you, it may not be the game for you

Doesnt stop people from feeling entitled to it though, hence my perspective

Gamers are masochists at heart