So Jeff wants 3-2-1?

More like just confusion. There are plenty of people for and against it.

Whats not to mock on the DUMBEST IDEA EVER?


Mind explaining what’s wrong with the idea? I for one think it’s a very interesting idea as a support/tank player.


It’s a great idea. This guy is just a hater.


Because the most likely scenario will be 3 DPSs, forcing either the tank or support to solo, and we all know how THAT is a walk in the park…


Did you read Jeff’s post in the other thread? Some of the internal team’s tank players actually enjoyed it. His well thought out post actually opened up my mind to the idea, although I still feel it has more negatives than positives. They have been testing it for 2 months now

Here is his post:

Edited to put some tank players. Thanks for pointing that out.


No only SOME of them enjoyed it cause it was a challenge. But he also mentioned that they had to basically rework every off-tank into DPS. DPS players obviously liked it. Supports meanwhile, were the least affected.

Personally, I don’t see how they could ever implement 1-3-2 when it took them 5 months just to put in the basic changes for 2-2-2 when 1-3-2 would likely require massive overhauls to every member of the tank category + probably several DPS heroes.


The internal team doesn’t adress power creep, never address broken (and I mean broken in different directions) heroes like Hanzo, Reaper, Symmetra, Brigitte and Doomfist, didn’t adress GOATs until it was too late… basicaly what I mean is that when it comes to balancing, Blizzard seems to always go in the opposite direction of whats necessary.

I’m also a tank player and I think it’s a terrible idea.

Here’s my thoughts on it.

Oh, and I almost forgot, EVERY SINGLE HERO was rebalanced, revamped and even redesigned for 2-2-2. If they go to 3-2-1, will they revert the nerfs on Barriers? Keep DPSs broken because people will be able to run 3 tanks? Because as far as I can tell, the current balancing is NOT redy for 3 DPS, 3 Tanks or 3 Supports.

Did you actually read my post?

Around second half, where he says how the tanks are not suited to run solo because 90% of the matches will be 3 DPS, 2 Support, 1 Tank. After barriers being GUTTED because DPSs were upset of “too many shields”, tanks can’t run solo, especialy off-tanks like Zarya, Hammond and

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Only the tank would solo, what’s wrong with that? It actually makes the support’s job easier because you don’t have to switch between two tanks when healing and it’s easy to heal DPS with small hp totals.

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Balance doesn’t happen in a day, they have been altering those heroes for a while now. Brig is in a fairly steady (if slightly below average) position now. Reaper has fallen off quite a bit with pretty much no changes (so just because of the meta he was good). Hanzo and doom are being changed on ptr. Symm is in a bad state, I can agree with that, but she is probably the most changed hero in the game.

You mean they didn’t perfectly solve it until too late. They addressed it quite a bit as it went on, but none of the changes to counter it did enough so they had to use 222.

No, what they do is take too long on balance and release heroes before they can catch up. Thankfully, we have a break in hero releases for now so hopefully they can catch up and get close to balanced


I disagree wholeheartedly

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Oh, I didn’t expand.

The off-meta tanks would need to be buffed and brought to a place where players don’t feel too much pressure being the only tank. All tanks would have to receive a buff and/or DPS would have to be nerfed.

Thats actualy a good argument regarding hero release.

But if 3-2-1 is NOT enforeced by role, if the tanks are buffed, then people might pick 3 tanks, 2 healers and 1 DPS (maybe Soldier because of his biotic field, Reaper to help the tanks mow down the enemy tank or Doomfist) and we go back to GOATS 2.0 and all goes downhill again.

Don’t think he said that at all – he said they tired it internally, and like any system they come up with it had pros and cons.

From what I gather from it:

  • They tested it out, and many liked it while many didn’t like it.
  • The off tanks are made into DPS. Like 400 HP Hog and Breather doesn’t provide damage resistances.
  • The support feedbacks were 50/50.
  • The DPS feedbacks were a net positive.
  • They scrapped it.

So how the hell did this forum thinks that 1/3/2 is coming?


Made me wonder why they tested this stupid idea???