So Jeff wants 3-2-1?

I liked Jeff’s pay. It was really interesting to read about their thoughts and even the idea of reworking Hog into a DPS.

My comment was specifically to ask if we can test the 1-3-2 balance changes (if be they decide to go with it) and see if it receives better feedback. I’m all for trying it. But if the community doesn’t end up liking it, they may need to work on it more or scrap it.

adapt or die 2018-2019 is over try thinking 2020 and beyond

Let me stop you right there…user from 2 days ago. Jeff simply said that this composition is what the team has been playing around with for the last month or so, and the feedback form the dev team is mixed, but jeff never said that he wants this, he did say he wants to see how the players think of it

Do you happen to work with fox news?

Jeff says they playtested it.

Now you’re here claiming he wants 3/2/1 to happen tomorrow…

1-3-2 isn’t going to reduce DPS queue time in fact it’s quite the opposite…

unless the selection of tanks become capable of mitigating the damage against 3 DPS by themselves, the average tank player is going to be railroaded and discouraged from playing the role.

Support mains will be fine. Tank mains will be ruined.

DPS queues will actually be the same as well

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that is a fact he brought up, and he stated that tanks would need to be changed for this composition

I know, I’m stressing the point

according to jeff, that was 50/50 same with tanks, mostly because this composition is very chaotic for those players

fair, but you aren’t saying that jeff noticed this

Because my point is on how powerful the role needs to become to hold off the role of a second tank along with the loss of great comps like Rein+zarya

fair…though I found it interesting how, i think if I remember right, most people that were playtesting were happy with it, because it was rather fun, though I could be wrong

I’d chalk that up to be the honeymoon period of the change (Yes I know they mainly played it around 2014 but that would have been around the time that only winston and rein were the only tanks).

You always have one aoe healer and one main healer… never a problem

we really got to stop with all these subdivisions, the devs don’t even use them for gods sake


apparently the team doesn’t use the term off tanks

as someone who plays off tanks I dont like it

question, does it help that if this DID happen, “off tanks” would be changed to fit more damage or tank roles

While Zarya is easy to balance as DPS, I think Roadhog wouldn’t last with less HP and no resistance because of his huge hitbox and necessity to be close to deal dmg.