So is there a reason why there are more dev announcements on reddit than the forums

its not like these forums are directly linked to the game or anything

but seriously

why use reddit over your own forums? (even at least posting the same things on both)


Maybe they, as people, just prefer browsing reddit

i mean i guess, but i know there are lots of people who dont use reddit but use the forums

it just seems like a no brainer to use your own forums over a third party app/website

or at least make a post on the forums about it

Just remember that one of the department’s they cut back last year was the PR and community relations folk, IIRC. I think they’re just kinda posting wherever they notice something.

It was like one announcement. They never really posted here post 2017 anyways.

The development team checks all outlets, while more formal official announcements will be made either here or on the news blog (or on YouTube if there is a developer update video). The development team and the community team collects feedback from all possible outlets.

Also remember, some questions you guys have may have been answered before. That is why I maintain the Blizzard Dev Post directory.

I imagine they prefer a safer environment where devs arent hurled with insults and pitchforks arent in hand 24/7. However making an official comment there rather than here is odd


People don’t swarm dev posts and demand buffs on reddit.

Reddit has a downvote button and a sort by hot, chances are they sort by hot to avoid criticism and feedback about the game for some POTG replays with 2.7k upvotes.