So is Symmetra getting a buff or a nerf?

I am terrible at math and would like some help figuring out if this is an overall buff to Symmetra’s damage against tanks or a nerf.

From what I can gather, she will now be more effective at melting anything without armor as she will amp up to her max 195dps 20% faster, but I am really more curious about how well she is going to fair against tanks with high armor values.

The devs already confirmed that her max damage is nerfed against armor, but can someone walk me through the math needed to figure out if a Reinhardt will die faster or slower once 20% ramp speed hits the PTR?

At least, your sentry damage is buffed against armor.

I think it will be a buff overall.

def is a buff try and test it out. the 20% faster charge is NUTS

the charge time is a big buff, however her level 3 beam technically does worse than before against armor, but it’s still a level 3 beam

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