So i'm re making this mercy thread, in hopes of starting a new

please i am not interesting in any post saying get rid of rezz all together, or any mercy 1.0 vs 2.0 stuff, or any stop nerffing mercy or nerff her more. this is for

mercy 3.0

something new, draw from past ability’s sure but please this is supposed to be productive and new ideas for mercy. if that is not what you’d like to discuses there are many other threads for you to vent about mercy.

so rezz on an ability is probably never going to work, i think its safe to say that, mercy 1.0 had even more problems. so i think i have come up with something neat that everyone could get behind.

put mercy’s rezz back on ult, get rid of valk all together. rather then a full team rezz, she get’s a few instant one person rezzes, i would say 2 to start after the first you had a set time that you would be able to perform a second, what every is balanced just a spit ball number like 10 or 15 secs. i would make it tho so you could not rezz the same target twice. a problem when mercy was first re worked was rien or winston going full ham and getting rezzed 4 times. if that was weak you could play with some numbers, give more time to rezz even raise it to 3 so on.

now she would need an e ability, i have been joking since ever, what if mercy had a defibrillator in her suit that, if she had rezz off cd and she died she could rezz her self. then i thought well if rezz was an ult and that ate some or all of her charge that could actually be pretty neat, there would be several points of balance, lets say it took 50 to 100 ult charge, for now lets talk about 50% if you wanted it stronger she could rezz her self as soon as she hit 50%, if that was to strong you could make it she has to have full ult to rezz her self but it only takes of 50% so on.

i’m pretty confident with a 2 or three man rezz as ult but e ability’s, i dont have a ton of ideas the one above was just a thought, i’d love to hear some of your’s.

from the 30 sum comments of the last post there was 3 idea’s one was make mercy earn her ress on E some how like torb scrap but different. give her an agais on E or divine palm, you throw it on a target and for some seconds if they take leathle they aegis and heal, and i had the idea maybe give her a mini rezz, where you hit a dead target, or even a live one that is about to die and if they die in a few secs, they rezz but only for like 5 ten sec’s time to get an ult off to add some value, like a rien going ham, then drop dead.


I honestly don’t like the 3 men’s ulti res and the defibrillator ability, but i appreciate your effort to start a civilized and clean discussion about an hypothetical Mercy 3.0



there are 3 other ablilitys at the bottom that other people came up with, sorry for the large read, bigger then it was ment 2 be version 1.0 of this tread got spammed and i tried to take the good that came out of it as well as make rules for this one.

Nice ideas, but, for now, my favourite alternative e ability for Mercy is the “Pacify” from Titanium.

I would make her ult act similar to how Quick-fix from TF2 acts when ubercharged.

  • Make the beam target immune to CC abilities.
  • Increased healing rate for her beam target
  • Healing beam range considerably reduced when the ultimate is used (not from Quick-fix)

I would also remove Rezz in exchange for such a valuable ultimate. It can’t be both because Mercy would easily dominate the support category for eternity.

I reduce the healing beam range to offer some counterplay to it, by killing/stunning Mercy.

what does that do? i need more characters

Copy pasted from his thread

New Basic Ability - Pacify:

After a .5 second wind-up, Mercy launches a single hitscan attack from her left hand.
The projectile’s hitbox size resembles that of Symmetra’s secondary fire.
The projectile deals no damage upon impact with an enemy. Instead, it applies a debuff that reduces the damage dealt by the target by 33%. The debuff lasts for 4 seconds.
The projectile does not persist once it hits an enemy. It is only able to affect one enemy for each use.
The projectile is blocked by barriers, Defense Matrix, and Particle Barriers. It can be deflected by Genji’s Deflect ability.
10 second cooldown. The cooldown begins after the ability is cast.
There is a .25 second wind-down time after Pacify is launched.
During the wind-up and wind-down times, Mercy is not able to use her staff, her pistol, or Resurrect. She may use Guardian Angel, however.
Does not affect non-player entities and constructs (turrets, Rip-Tire, Supercharger, etc).
This ability functions similarly to Ana’s Sleep Dart in its cast, but the projectiles and effects are very different. Because Mercy is supposed to have a low skill floor, the hitscan weapon type and large hitbox make the ability mechanically forgiving. As a result, Pacify’s 33% damage decrease for 4 seconds is less effective than Sleep Dart’s disable for up to 5.5 seconds.

That said, Pacify still has a lot of playmaking potential when mastered. For example, when used on a target that has been Nano-Boosted or Supercharged, the damage increase that Nano-Boost/Supercharger has on that target is completely negated for the next 4 seconds (100 DPS +%50 = 150 DPS - 33% = 100 DPS).

Pacify also drops Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Pharah’s weapon damage below the 2-shot (body shot) range for 200 HP heroes. If used at the right time, it can potentially save an ally’s life.

i like this idea alot, tho i think i’d make an E ability that gave cc immunity, i’d like to try and keep rezz for mercy i feel like it is part of who the character is. like wall ride for lucio or dash resets plus blade for genji.

i ll be back to read the pactify idea in a sec

You get points in my book for trying your best not to cause agrument😁

This is how you talk people, not just argue over which opinions are more valid to you. Most will just think they are right for no reason lol😂

Let’s do this people😊


Ewww, the lack of capital letters is triggering me lmao.

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Thank you for trying to start a real discussion instead of another hate post.
As a Mercy main I want mass rez back. Tweaked of course so it’s extremely hard to pull off. And it needs to have partial effects. Like Soldier’s ult. They die one after another. Not like McCree’s where multiple people die (or get rezzed) at the same moment.
But I also know how the community thinks about this idea. So I will stay open minded towards every suggestion.

But keep one thing in mind guys. If she gets an ability that causes CC immunity she will be a must pick. We all know that.


ya i feel multi rezz on an ult without vlak its great, but can’t be all at once as or we run into the go die on point, i’ll hide strategy.

so a single target rezz with a timer that allows you to rezz again, maybe with a cd in between, and with a max cap, all areas that allow for balance.

but with an E ability so she has mid fight power wile ult is down.

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Hide and rez has to be punished of course.
With a little cast time maybe and that she uses her voice line before she rezzes. She will make the enemies know what she is up to forcing her to have like 1 or 2 allies alive with her to give her shelter while she rezzes.
This way a 5 man rez is hardly possible (most likely 3). But she still could rez 5. If the enemies allow her to do that after announcing it with a voice line AND a cast time she deserves to bring back 5 people.

Fixed :smiley: honestly I think that’s the main thing that shouldn’t be in the game, next to the amount of cc currently in the game

i really like that idea for an E, it as well gave me an idea for a mass rezz that may fix some problems.

what if her mass rezz was a mass heal say 100 150 hp what ever, but also would bring back dead allies but only at say 50hp.

you would not wanna use it in a fight to just try and re start a lost fight you would just lose again, but it could be a big swing,

i think the heal would have to be an over time buff not instant, and you would have to come up with a real number or it would be super op

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Sounds good but the main problem still remains. People want to be able to stop Mercy from rezzing. And such a powerful ability needs to be able to get interrupted.
The main problem is that back then Mercy used her ult voice line in the moment she rezzed (so in the moment she pressed Q). This would need to change. There must be an announcement that Mercy is about to use the most powerful ability in the game.
So here is an idea I haven’t posted anywhere yet because I am not sure how to implement it:

When Mercy players press Q she shouts out her voice line but she will not rez yet. Instead now she will be able to see the indicator how many people she could reach with the rez. (Remember: Mercy 1.0 had a permanent indicator).
This needs to be restricted in time (like 7 seconds) if she doesn’t rez anyone in that time she wasted her ult.
She would need to press Q again to rez in “rez mode”. Multiple targets. But one after another (closest allies first. The farther away the later they will get rezzed). With an overall cast time of 1 second. So if she gets interrupted during rez the ones she already got will still get revived.

An additional idea to that: in rez mode Mercy will see a highlighted spot on the map. This is the spot of a perfect rez (reaching the most allies in the shortest time). But the enemies will see that spot too. Imagine it like Doomfist’s ult. Blue for him. Red for the enemies.
Mercy can go there and rez. But she does not have to. She can stilp freely rez wherever she wants. This could open some strategies and also make it hard to pull off a huge rez since the enemies know where you will postion yourself.
Also, the spot moves when another ally dies during rez mode. So it’s always the best postion for the moment.

i agree it would need a cast time that could be interrupted, as well as a good and loud voice line so one.

other possible ways you could nerff this for balance if need be, maybe people you bring back at low hp, have an anti heal for a second or 2

a buff could be that the hp you get brought back with is based off max health, so 200 hp’s come back with 50 but tanks come back with 150 or 200 ish

an interesting way to do it was well maybe you come back with lower hp the closer you are to respawn the longer your dead the less hp

i think this idea has a lot of potential.

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