So, I tried 1/3/2

This was the quintessence for me.

I expected it to be incredibly bad. It wasn’t. It was in fact far worse than I expected it to be, and I went in thinking I’ll loathe it. I did, but to a degree I couldn’t have believed before.

It’s really something.


I spent the whole day playing it. Honestly hated it. I gave it an honest shot though. Very tired right now. Of course I see a lot of DPS loving it they can do whatever they want. Frankly it was very very tiresome having say a Tracer or a Sombra or even a pretty good Lucio get into our back lines and be unable to go peel for them (our supports).

Tanks aren’t really strong enough to solo tank. Sombra is awful to run into in this mode and man, if your team is running around like chickens and Reaper gets on you he can still dominate you. Now you have no tank, now Widow kills everybody.

Don’t want to sound too judgemental when I say this but imo this mode is garbage and I say this even though I won almost as many matches as I lost.

You really notice if you have a bad DPS in this mode though. Only takes one guy who can’t do jack-all if the enemy team can and you’re straight into the toilet. Watched a match via replay with a horrible Widow on my team, couldn’t even hit McCree when he was standing still facing the other way and my God did we get rolled.

I asked him to swap and he goes “with a SOMBRA on the enemy team!?!” He sounded so triggered I didn’t have the heart to deal with him anymore. Just said “Good point” and let it be at that. Continued to try of course but the W rolled in just as expected.


Heres a thing, just like 2-2-2 this game mode simply doesnt work on the foundation of the current overwatch.

Like in 2-2-2 unless you have 2 main tanks and 2 main healers losing any of the mains means losing the point. Your teammate decided to take hog for this match? Well losing your rein is now death sentence.

Blizzard kinda shoot themselves in the leg with 2-2-2 and the removal of the original 4 role system what too could reduce wait times.

What evidence you need when even basic math will say it will lessen the wait times for DPS?

If you have 6 dps for 2 support and 2 tank that means you have 4 players constantly waiting for a matchup but with 321 you only have 3, even Blizzard said that due to the huge surplus of dps players we will get huge Qtimes when they planned for 2-2-2 any change what makes the avarage team have more dps will decrease the wait times greatly.

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Or he does and the fact many companies pander to china. You know not which you speak.

Thing is, trying to run this just by basic math doesn’t really work. Things are more complicated than that. Just my experience here but it makes tank and support horrible to play and makes so many characters completely useless that it’s not even funny. That’s what they mean by:

I know I don’t speak for everybody but speaking just for myself here, I could not keep playing the game very long in 1/3/2.


Just scrolled through all the comments to see the one heavily liked pro 1-3-2 post. But, I saw none. Hopefully this actually doesn’t make it to live.


Yes. Although, I don’t know if it needs to be weaker. The moment I heard of this buff, I instantly said this needs to go live in some way. Then I played it and the cloud is actually weaker than I thought. I expected it to stay there until Hog repositions it by healing himself again. If it stayed there, it’d be a kind of shield, without being a shield for the team, and Hog could set it up before the game even begins. Instead it just disappears after what, 2 seconds? Still, he needs this mechanic ASAP.

Same goes with Zarya’s multi-bubble. Always loved her talent in Heroes of the Storm that lets her bubble two allies at once. She doesn’t have to bubble everyone in the area, two teammates is fine and some adjusting to this mechanic from the experimental version are probably required. Thing is, Zarya is super team-dependant. She gets Widow, Hanzo, Zen, Ana and Sigma and you can just not play Zarya, cause you don’t have a bubble buddy. Make it so she bubbles two allies in an area, but if it triggers only on one, she gets big more energy than if she bubbled two.

Also, if you think Moira was useless, you had a trash Moira. I keep teams alive as Moira for whole games, no matter what mode.

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There is no way I can go back to the static plodding BS of 2/2/2 after having an Overwatch that is actually fast paced and fun again

I would like this.

As for Hog, my thought was to keep the 25% damage reduction, but shorten the duration of the effect and maybe provide a straight 50 hp heal vs a heal over time. Or maybe make the hot 15 hp/s or something.

I definitely think it’s a good direction for the hero. It gives the devs another way to tune him up or down. Let’s face it, as time goes on, it’s harder to justify a Hog pick over D.Va, Zarya, or Sigma unless you just destroy all of them. He needs another way to be relevant.


Sorry for your loss qween maybe it’ll stay an arcade mode

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I know for a fact he is 100% incorrect.

I know plenty enough of which I spoke.

Why wouldn’t you just say which tank is unstoppable and which is near unstoppable?

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You dont think blizz panders to the Chinese market??? Most companies do and blizz is no exception.

Played only a few rounds, some tanks still feel a little weak but overall tank gameplay is more interesting IMO. It’s fun to be the anchor and play with your team.

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lets try 3 farts 2 poops and 1 pee

You didn’t try very hard then.

Boycotts definitely don’t work. This is the kind of feedback that’s helpful, not “I never played it so here’s my theories as to why I wouldn’t like it”.

Jeff Kaplan said a couple days ago:

So luckily, it looks like they won’t make it to live… “But who knows”

Gonna be brave and strong and try a game I guess before I take a nap

Such an understatement. I hated only being able to focus on our tank, cause if they died it was game over. It’s not fun at all and it sucks watching your tank just destroyed.

Here’s my takeaway

Trying to wrangle all these DPS is literally impossible especially with DM

If I’m solo tanking why does D.Va still turn into pilot form or at the very least why is pilot form the same

What about solo tanking says “we should run away from our one tank heeeheee”