So I took winrates - Possible hero changes


So. I went to overbuff and took the winrates (from the last month of comp), and decided to create potential buffs or nerfs (or reworks) for a little less than half of the heroes.


#1 Winrate: Brig (3.88% Pickrate)

-Make her more killable
-Nerf her stun and/or shield health

#5 Winrate: Zen (6.27% Pickrate)

-Damage nerf; Up to Blizzard which fire (or both) to nerf
-Maybe reduce number of orbs in alternate fire

#6 Winrate: Rein (#1 12.21% Pickrate)

-Slight reduced range on shatter

Blizzard has been doing work on other high winrate heroes e.g. Torb (#3 winrate) rework, Sym (#2winrate) range on primary. For Doomfist (#4 winrate) I have no idea like I have never played him and all. Then also Zarya (#9) they are reducing Grav range.


#15 Winrate: Genji (4.31% Pickrate)

-Damage increase of primary and/or secondary fire
-Or (probably not both) increased magazine size

#21 Winrate: Roadhog (2.96% Pickrate)

-Reduced spead

#22 Winrate: Tracer (2.20% Pickrate)

-Reduced blink cooldown time
-Or (probably not both) SLIGHTLY less spread

#26 Winrate: Wisnton (2.54% Pickrate)

-A little more damage
-Shield health increase
-Maybe could reduce size of sheid

Other heroes with low winrates (McCree, Soldier:76, Sombra, Ana, Lucio) are currently getting working on already.


#19 Winrate: Bastion (0.50% Pickrate)


I spent too much time on this lol what do you all think?
or am i just a dumb gold loser

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rein is fine right now the meta just favors him. and vice-versa with winston. hes a really good pick even against brig you just have to play hime smarter now.


If you’re going to nerf #1 and #5 but not the ones in between then your winrate argument falls flat.

And frankly, most of the top picks are only there because of the current meta. We’ll see how much that changes come Tuesday.

EDIT: Maybe not Tuesday, but the 14th of August should sure give us a good idea bc of Hammond releasing into Comp.


Brigitte’s pickrate is LOW for a support her winrate is high because she’s niche like Symm 2.0 (she had around a 60% winrate). And the two nerfs you suggested go completely against what the devs said:


New hero confirmed…


What’s Junkrats winrate?


TBH this seems like “I want to buff and nerf these heroes, how can I make it seem justified?”


A good win rate doesn’t always mean a nerf is needed. Back in season three, Ana had a good win rate, but now her win rate is pretty bad. It’s just as the meta shifts, new heroes become popular and work well so their win rates go up. Sometimes it’s an issue, like with Mercy back in season seven, but not often.




“I took some essentially arbitrary statistics and made a bunch of stuff up”


Buffing Tracer.

Ayy lmao.