So I keep losing connection to Comp servers

So I lost two different games in comp (in placement matches none the less) due to me being kicked from a comp game multiple times. But it only kicked me to the menu screen, where it told me I could rejoin the match. So I did rejoin, but even though the game was a win and we won overall, I got a loss. Then, it kicked me for the last time where it said that it had lost connection to the server, therefore making me have to restart the program. What do I get for unreliable Blizzard servers? A suspension! Thanks Blizzard. On a side note, I didn’t experience any lagging in the server. No player was running in place. I was just kicked really quickly. Thanks!

If you were kicked from the game, you were likely experiencing a connection issue. There are tips in the stickies of this forum, and also people who are willing to help, like me. But I don’t know if you’re interested in troubleshooting? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sure! I am open to suggestions on how to fix this problem :>

Report back after you follow the steps here: Common Connection and Latency Issues