So I get punished for dcing?

So as the title says I dced during a match. I got back to the game as quick as possible. And yet I get a big sr loss of around 45 because the stats I had before I dced dissapeared. When that’s the case what’s the point in re joining when the diff was 5 sr? Oh and I also got a short suspension like wtf?

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Something similar happened to me a while back, it was pretty annoying to say the least. :expressionless:

I’m afraid this might be the only way for them to avoid exploits where people DC on purpose to minimize their SR losses. Because it’s not possible for for Blizzard to determine if it was you causing the disconnection, your ISP or whatever other hub in the internet. Only if it’s a server failure on their side they’ll be able to tell for sure.

I do think the suspensions are stupid in this case… if you get back into the game after a DC there should be no suspensions.

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So happens again and this time we won and I drop 50sr? Hmmm something feels broke on console. How about some love blizz instead of generally kinda ignoring us over here.

It may sound unfair but it would be twice as unfair if leavers just forced a DC to avoid any kinds of penalty. It’s expected of comp players to be aware if they are in conditions to play comp (for example avoid it if that moment you are experiencing connection issues).
Of course, it will still happen sometimes, but it shouldn’t be so frequent to affect you that much.

The system is automated so maximum they can do is change it (by making it more exploitable).

Check this out later.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way for Blizzard to determine which DC was caused purposely and which ones were caused accidently. I understand your irritation on the matter, but a DC is a DC regardless and they don’t have time to go over reports of people saying it was an “accident” when there is no proof on that technically, as everything is “he said she said”