So I didn't watch the Blizzcon talks... what's up?

About all I know is OW 2 not coming out this year. They planning to step up content for OW1 or we just going another year of nothing?

Didn’t watch it either, but from what I gathered, it was all about OW2. Current Overwatch wasn’t mentioned at all so yeah, we probably won’t be getting anything except for skins during events.

OW2 had tons of stuff they talked about. Passives for all heroes of all roles, some reworks, changes like Rein having double fire strikes and being able to cancel his charge.

There’s more than what I just listed…

they weren’t really any actual hero reworks, the only thing that was really “reworked” was the tank role, they are changing the tank role to be a bit more aggresive, kind like how you played when you first played tank, went ham on the battle field instead of actually making space, the role will aslo be renamed to “brawlers”

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Watch it, it’s pretty good.

I told my friend before it started that I wasn’t interested in the PVE stuff at all, but by the end of the show I was hyped for it. The PVP stuff is decent too.


Yeah, most likely nothing much until OW2. But the panel definitely showed us it’ll be worth the wait.

I don’t know, but it’s worth it looking at how good OW2 is gonna be

Play the game for the game, it’s more fun that way anyways

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Nothing for OW1. They’re putting full throttle into OW2 so it can come out as soon as possible (mid next year minimum, I think.)

It looks really good, in my opinion. A shame about OW1, but there’s plenty of other games out there I personally think. Jeff also said that he would be more communicative with us, so the earliest time for the next update on things is March.

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Don’t be so dismissive, guys!

For OW1, we can now make a clay pachimari.

Yeah that about sums it up. They showcased the engine and showed off maps but no news on where they are in development, what they’re planning for this year, and no word on release date.

We know nothing, but they will probably drop something.

That would be something I would do on a whim

Can’t help it though. That damn thing is adorable

Another year without something new.

  • We got some new art for ow2
  • Talent tree grown.
  • Tanks are now officially fat dps.
  • We saw most of sojourn kit and now we know she’s soldier:76 2.0 but better against shields
  • Dps now got speed boost because heroes like Bastion or Orisa really needed more nerfs while heroes like Tracer or Echo really needed more buffs (sarcasm of course, but support can self heal which is nice)
  • Boops are now weaker against tanks because the devs decided they hate Lucio and Pharah (Tanks give less ult charge now which is nice)
  • Ny city and Rome are now a thing.
  • We saw some enemies
  • Who needs to fix 2cp when you can simply remove a full game mode
  • Junkerqueen confirmed
  • Payload maps now have paths to choose from including old maps
  • More ow2 deisgns, Soldier now got a beard and Mccree looks the same but younger

And that’s pretty much it, if you ask me - more harm than good… Although the animations look cool.

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I have updated my Overwatch 2 Quick Fact List with the new details revealed last weekend. Which you can find here:

On a side note, not much was mentioned about Overwatch 1 at Blizzconline in terms of future updates, but I did confirm more updates are coming as both games are being actively worked on still.

To clarify, the Junker Queen is officially not confirmed. The community was able to discover a brief frame in the Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2 panel and recongize some elements that looked similar to that of the Junker Queen’s appearance in her poster on Junkertown, making it very likely she is an upcoming character (and likely as a hero) for Overwatch 2, but officially she is not confirmed.

This is only for Hero Missions in OW2.

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pretty much nothing in 2021 for overwatch, you will get wow tbc and diablo 2 remaster this year, so you can play that

Actually, I think it was nice.

It’s just that among the desert of information, it felt a bit… gimmicky? :stuck_out_tongue: