So I coded my own combat system but

I wrote out my own combat system and it turned out great…The problem is after creating about 1000-2000 attacks they are capped and just stop working.

Why you ask did I decided to write my own combat? Well the game work I’m working on has random enemies, some enemies primary attack chase a variable like mei & symmetra’s primary attacks. When this happens and you have 20 of them currently active it’s extremely taxing. Why not just use secondary fire you say? I do and have sometimes but it takes away from the character.

With this system I can control bullet size, shape, color, gravity, attack speed, reload speed, ricochet, etc… It’s really is amazing and turned out fantastic… unfortunately I didn’t think I would hit the cap in 1 game session but indeed I did.

I hope the devs see this and consider making play effects that last shorter than 0.5 seconds to not count toward the limit of the game session play effects. Play effects are effects that are destroyed automatically after it’s given lifetime or collision. Again, I’m hopeful that this limit will be lifted on play effects shorter than 0.5 seconds.

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Wait, is there some maximum cap of effects that are allowed to be created/played in one session and you got to it or did you play too much effects at the same time and some of them don’t work? If the 2nd one, there’s an extention that would be helpful that doubles the amount of effects you’re able to create at the same time

Extension is enabled but after so many effects have been created effects are disabled entirely for the game session