So downvotes are completely gone now?

No they’re not, I can remember countless times when someone would make a serious post I agree with and people would downvote and say “Bad bait”. So they’re not mutually disagreeable.

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it’s passive agressive and allows someone to tear down others without actually saying anything. You are not disagreeing when you downvote, you are simply saying “this made me feel sad”. Not helpful to a conversation, not productive to a solution.


Lol. Are you projecting? How does downvoting = “this makes me sad?” It’s more like “your post is stupid so I’m giving it a thumbs down.” The sad ones are the ones who get offended by people disagreeing with them and think they’re entitled to a 14 paragraph essay detailing why.


I’m glad they’re gone.

Now people actually have to think of a counter argument if they think someone’s wrong and not just press a magical red button because they’re salty.

People actually have to discuss on the discussion forums now if they want input. It’s nice.


I don’t understand why you remove one and not the other. If you’re arguing that downvotes are passive aggressive, I can see where you’re coming from even if I don’t agree. Is throwing a like up without replying really any different? A like for I agree or I think this post contributes something valuable is the same principle as a dislike for I disagree or this post contributes nothing.

I think you should remove them both or the like becomes the same as a participation trophy: meaningless glitter.


To be honest I usually pressed Show Post on threads no matter the dislikes. Why miss out on information just because the community dislikes it?

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This is definitely part of the reason. We also wanted to encourage people to write a constructive counterpoint rather than using the downvote button to hide someone’s opinions/thoughts.

That being said, we’re still working on the system, so we’re definitely looking for ways to improve the system. And we’re taking your feedback very seriously.


I used to love seeing how many salty downvotes I could accrue for stating opinions that didn’t conform to the norm around here.

A pity. Oh well.

Honestly not feeling these new forums either. Like I don’t want to spend an hour scrolling through every reply to the thread, it’s easier to just click through page numbers.


We can upvote dev responses now. :o


Sometimes posts to not require a reply. If you don’t like it and don’t want to bump the post you don’t like downvoating was perfect.


You should definetly get rid of the 20 characters requirement for adding a comment.


If I dont like something I dont like it. Not everything needs a “constructive counterpoint” because you dont like something.


You all made the correct decision by removing downvotes. In my opinion but I do understand the argument of downvoting troll threads and spam. Maybe if you all brought back downvotes you all could add a feature that makes the downvote give an actual reply. Maybe 50 characters or more so you all can see it’s real reason for the downvote and not a troll.


So double standards?

You disagree you have to give a reason but if you like just click a button? That is the dumbest crap I have heard of.


You mean trolling?


If there is a like button there should be a dislike its only fair. People troll likes just as much as dislikes.


I think we are all guilty of living in the world today where you either agree with me (and get up-voted) or you disagree with me (and get down-voted), whether or not your post has any real merit. This goes for video games, politics, etc… I think everyone is somewhat guilty of it. We probably all just need to listen a little more, even if we don’t like what is being said.

That doesn’t include people who intentionally are trolling, though – that’s just incitement.


Here is the thing, If you don’t like something and you do not want to make a counterpoint, you just don’t say anything at all.


Smart idea. Hopefully that will help curb a lot of the poor behavior we’ve seen around here.

There’s a lot of bells and whistles here. Confusing to my old eyes, but if the community improves maybe I will stick around.

You want people to write constructive criticism to EVERY post they disagree with?
With posts like…

**Zish **
**5102 posts **
**1 hour ago **

I do not understand how you are supposed to defend from a one-shot kill from across the entire map?

You don’t even get to see your target, you are just walking and then you are dead.

How is this compelling gameplay?

Come on…
Instead of bumping threads like these, we could just downvote and move on.
Now they’ll get inflated with upvotes over time as you make counter arguments.
To be completely honest, i’m a little concerned that the dev team might mistake a bad suggestion for a good one thanks to this change.