So, does anyone else feel like we are about to have another bastionpocalypse sort of scenario on our hands with torb rework?


armors basically DR, and torb becomes basically a pseudo tank, now outputs a ton of dps, but has the added benefit of being tinier and also mobile.

Not to mention the turret as well as the probably going to be busted ultimate.

Thatll be fun for tanks.

Frankly im not exactly thrilled, maybe im wrong. I just got a really bad feeling about this


Literally a pool of hot juice

I for one welcome his Super Saiyan status.


basically going to be a ‘hey tank, yea no thanks’.

well, people asked for a brigitte counter.

theyre about to reap what they sow


They’ll be killing a lot of Tanks to get that.


i dont think dps players really care about tanks.

At least ones in the game, frankly all they want tanks to be are meatsponges anyways

I cant wait for the possible(if torb truly becomes op) exodus of tank players when this goes live into comp.


You just reminded me that Reaper just got a nerf through this massive buff to Torbjorn.

That they did.

With how fast his shotgun shoots he’s also going to be a strong counter to Doomfist. Shooting him during uppercut was already a thing, now it will be ridiculous.


i don’t think so. but we will just have to wait and see. people thought symm 2.0 was op when she was launched, and that turned out to be wrong, so anything is possible


poor reaper

well, i cant wait for the brig/doomfist complainers to complain about torb. Thatll be a riot

sym was nowhere near as strong sounding as this. the only reason sym wouldve been op was due to her lmb bug

also can we get a MASSIVE F for console?


I’m excited to see how he will perform in a goats comp if he replaces a tank honestly.
Imagine in tournament against another goats comp, you throw a turret in a high place so the enemy goats can’t reach it except maybe and you have yourself a 6v5 or 7v6 if they have no reach at all.


I look forward to the Oddjob only meta.


Symmetra was and still is considered a throw pick on console lol


yall complained about the stun meta

get ready for the dwarf melter meta.

if pharah gets anything to help her in hitting shots, like say heatseeking rockets

get ready for the auto aim meta.

as i said above, this torbjorn rework is 100x stronger sounding than the sym rework ever sounded, not to mention torbjorn doesnt require anymore aim than he did before, while sym went from auto aim to aim requirement


I’d rather the Hamster Meta at this point xD


people are going to be wanting the ‘stun meta’ back after this im telling ya.

This about to make bastion s4 look balanced.


I consider Newbjorn to be a tank. I think the masses will come to agree with me when they get shotgunned by the armor midget.


well i guess this makes up for the rumor that we are getting a dps next.


His headshot size is massive, so he’ll still be countered just as easily by hitscan as he is now.


i am talking about symm 2.0. not 3.0


lol, he will not be countered just as easily